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South Lawrence Trafficway contract to be awarded Sept. 18; construction to begin soon after

Isn't the historical ignorance here the fact that everyone keeps arguing it was burial ground/spiritual center, when it was simply a floodplain that had a drain tile installed, and then became a wetland when the drain tile was removed?

This is a good deal...larger wetland and a road.

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Kansas governor's chief spokeswoman taking lottery job

She does have State experience, she did some work for Phil Kline. And that worked out well for everyone!

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Kansas Action for Children files lawsuit against Attorney General Derek Schmidt over settlement records

Not surprising at all. Schmidt is a lifelong politician, not a practicing lawyer. While he went to law school, this is the same guy that shopped for a State level position for years. What do the voters expect they are going to get...a lawyer that actually knows the law, or a politician working his angle.

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Hays hopes to use career in law, Air Force to help with run for Lawrence City Commission

I'm curious to know if the general counsel position Hays occupies is a political appointment from the Governor's Office. Most Kansas agency general council positions are political. Can the LJ world shed some light on that for us? I'd also like to know his rank when he left the Air Force. If he spent more than 4 years as a Captain, there is something in his background.

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Kobach discusses early voter fraud in state at 'Bleeding Kansas' lecture series

Someone should tell Kobach the statute of limitations has run on the voter fraud of March 30, 1855.

By the way, wasn't his big platform for getting elected the "rampant" voter fraud in Kansas? Has he prosecuted a single case to date? That would be an interesting follow up LJ World.

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Legislative leaders to Brownback: Veto the tax cut

Guess I should have stoned my wife to death on Thursday before they passed this bill. Wait, I think there is still time...I think it doesn't officially become a law until it is printed, which is July 1st.

Perhaps we should stone people in the streets and cut off the hands of theives to show there was a need for this law. That would then show this was not a solution looking for a problem.

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Saturday compost sale canceled after city sells out on Friday

Guess that landscaping truck spreading compost at Bella Serra yesterday was just a coincidence then, and the same goes for the other truck I saw spreading compost on Wakarusa. You won't have a lot of repeat visitors when you send each one of your employees in a seperate truck.

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Saturday compost sale canceled after city sells out on Friday

I am sick of the landcaping companies with their trucks and trailers taking all the compost, why doesn't the city tell them no?

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Douglas County prosecutors to review cases involving Lawrence police involved in dismissing speeding tickets

Prosecutors are not limited to the crimes a police officer lists in a Standard Offense Report. Charging decisions are solely the responsibility of a prosecutor, not a cop.

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NYPD monitored Muslim students all over Northeast

I'm sending the NYPD a friend request so we can be facebook friends!

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