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Kansas probe of 30 dead egrets could take weeks, months

"Hastings said egrets can be a nuisance for people who live near their nesting sites or rookeries." I'm sorry, but doesn't he have that backwards? Humans, especially those who are ignorant or malicious, like some of our legislators, are more of a nuisance than egrets.

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Wealthy school districts at center of Kansas funding dispute

None of the legislators quoted in this article have any business in the legislature. It is amazing that to me the lack of understanding of social contract. The purpose of representative government is not to benefit the few and the rest of you can suck eggs, it's to make sure that everybody has a shot at having the best opportunity possible. So I guess the message from Smith, Rubin, and Davis (I'm not going to honor them with their titles) as long my folks are happy I don't care about the rest of you.

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Your Turn: Storm bearing down on Kansas schools

In the last few election cycles, Kansans have voted for smaller government and lower taxes. We have been experiencing over the last nearly six years precisely the intended consequences of those choices. We have elected leaders who would rather posture and pass meaningless resolutions on who can use which bathroom in schools and other public places than take care of future of our state, namely our children and their education. Is it any wonder why population in the rural areas is dwindling? Is it any wonder why we are no longer viewed as progressive or as a good place to make a life?

As Kansans, I'm afraid we are getting precisely what we have asked for.

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Letter to the editor: Court support

You are living in a fantasy world if you believe we have a free-market economy. A sizable chunk of our state's economy relies on government subsidies in one form or another.

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KU investigation clears professor who used N-word in class

Oh Scotty! Give it up with the name calling and aspersions! You are tiresome!

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Minority groups push for same-day voter registration

"I believe if you did not care at least 21 days before are you really that interested or informed?"

So, how is this different from those who vote for a candidate simply because he/she is a member of one or the other party? These voters only care about maintaining or achieving party control of government and not at all about issues. In this state, that happens to be the "yellow dog" Republicans, i.e., they would rather vote for a yellow dog than a Democrat.

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With no Lawrence school district policy, some students miss out on recess time

I teach at an independent K-8 school, Topeka Collegiate. We strongly believe in the power of recess time. Recess not only gives students the exercise they need and an outlet of their boundless energy, but it also allows students to mentally process what they have been taught. Students get two recess periods a day with each one lasting 20 minutes. Even our middle school students get the two periods of recess each day. when our children come back from recess, they are energized and ready to learn, which is another finding from research on the power of recess time.

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Brownback broadens order against refugee resettlements

Well, it is election season. His aim is probably to thwart the feared mass migration of Democrats into Kansas from surrounding states before the next election. He is probably reacting to the unspoken fear of many Republicans that the numbers of immigrant Democrats might change the state politically from red to blue.

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KU team solves century-old Kansas geological mystery

I am a retired research scientist formerly of the Kansas Geological Survey. I will try to answer your questions as best I can. During my career I visited the Point of Rocks area several times and speculated with my colleagues about the age of the rocks that have recently been dated.

The strata at Point of Rocks were deposited during the Permian Period of the Paleozoic Era. That means they were laid down between 299 and 251 million years ago. During this period of geologic history, inland sea was retreating from the south-central part of Kansas and off to the west the ancestral Rocky Mountains were being nearly eroded. To the south, there was a remnant of the inland sea in the Texas panhandle and eastern New Mexico. The area around Point of Rocks was most likely above sea level. The climate would have been hot and dry. I would like to add that an inland sea has covered Kansas many times in the geologic past.

The rocks that form the Gyp Hills around Medicine Lodge are similar to those at Point of Rocks and were deposited during the same time period. However, the deposits at Point of Rocks are most likely younger than those in the Gyp Hills.

To respond to the comment about age dating of sedimentary rocks above, I had to do a quick Internet search. The zircon mineral grains used in the dating process came from older igneous rocks. Zircon is a mineral formed as a result of the cooling of molten rock. Thus, the radiometric clock would have been set at the time the mineral formed. The fact that these grains were deposited with the other sediments in these red beds gives geologists an idea of the source of the sediment and by inference, an upper bound on how long ago the sediment was deposited. In this case, the zircons were most likely from the igneous rocks that were exposed in the Ancestral Rockies to the west. If that is true, then the sediment in the rocks at Point of Rocks must have come from that source. We know that the Ancestral Rockies were completed eroded by the end of the Permian Period. Therefore, the sediment has to have been deposited prior to the demise of the Ancestral Rockies. My former colleagues may wish to chime in on this explanation, but I think this is correct.

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Opinion: GOP must curb Trump’s rhetoric

Uhh! This opinion piece is supposed to have been written by David Rueschhoff, but it is signed by David Ignatius. Let's get the authorship straight guys.

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