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Combative Trump insists anew: Blame both sides for violence

Science? Wow, bring out the gaff!

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KBI report: Violent crime, including murder, increased in Kansas in 2016

So, Bob when are you going to stop posting an get help?

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Lawsuit challenges Trump's ban on transgender military service


It's reassuring that when you chime in on a topic, your response will always be predictable.

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Trump whips up supporters against Russia probe as Mueller turns to grand jury

Great! We'll all celebrate and hope that the door doesn't hit him in the fanny!

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Opinion: No market for Trump’s values

Amen to that.

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Advance voter turnout 'extremely low' so far for local primary elections

Those would be the yellow dog Repubs.

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Kansas Sen. Roberts pushing to move GOP health plan forward

You forget that many Kansans have this Pavlov thing going: If they see an R after the politician's name, they automatically vote for him or her.

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Opinion: Don’t repeal health law; fix it now

Moran needs to do the right thing and not the Right thing!

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Letter to the editor: College worth

The good old days of Biff and Muffy will never return. We've crossed that river and we will never cross the same river again.

I'm not a big believer in the draft, but I am a fan of requiring every 18 year old to spend 2 years in some kind of national or local service. I see the time as a way of allowing teens to become more mature and realistic about their way forward in life after service. It is also a way of getting some national and local priorities addressed that otherwise would languish.

With regard to post high school education, I m not optimistic. The ever increasing bureaucracy in administrations, the greed for outside money to support those administrators, the publish or perish mentality, and the lack of courage among university leaders in the face of threats to democracy and the marketplace of ideas will further erode the value of college.

That's my two cents.

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