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Kansas shifts plans on license renewals

There is no written test for renewals anymore. Just eye test and photo and they print out a cash register receipt with your license that is okay to drive on, but most places will not accept it as real, then wait 2 to 3 weeks before they send you a real license (as they contract that out to an out of state or country location somewhere.

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City officials working to pinpoint cause of odd odor, taste in drinking water; safety not a concern, they say

It seems this is a problem that is older than the past few days from comments here.

The City of Topeka river water plant intake had a plugged discharge line that was unplugged and a large amount of lime was released into the river all at one time on Saturday morning. It caused the river to turn a pale green color downstream for miles. Lime can increase the amount of carbon available for algae production.

I am not saying that that is the source of your drinking water woes but it smells like it.

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Koch influence present in school lawsuit

Perhaps this will help explain the phenomenon:

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Creating a stir in 2012

Scott isn't biased. But he makes no mention in this article of the record number of citizen's protests against the neo-conservative legislative action this year. Next year could set another record unless they plan on enacting legislation that moves this state forward instead of backward.

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Brownback signs tax cuts, predicts boon; critics see budget-buster

If I were a moderate Republican in the legislature or a Democrat I think I would resign and sit out the next two election cycles. This will take some massive tax increases to fix.

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Delay in computer project shadows Kobach bill

too late now the caucus is over

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House Republicans change course on measure providing property tax relief

So they raised property taxes by 90 million dollars. It is what Republicans do best tax and spend.

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Do you support doubling traffic infraction fines on Kansas Highway 10 between Lawrence and Johnson County?

Enforce the speed limit excessively, rigidly, consistently. After the third infraction and loss of license there will be fewer violators to pull over. Don't worry about the amount of the fines as it seems some folks have very deep pockets. Take their license and then incarcerate them when driving without one.

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Kansas House passes citizenship bill; Senate divided

His office said it identified 32 non-citizens on Kansas voter rolls last year. Critics note Kansas has about 1.7 million registered voters and that reported cases of illegal immigrants voting remain rare.

If Kobach's office has identified 32 non-citizens on the Kansas voter rolls last year when is he going to do his job and prosecute them?

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Koch releases emailed threats on eve of protests

~The billionaire head of Koch Industries told The Wichita Eagle Thursday that the messages are coming from various directions.~

Hey dude the Wichita Eagle isn't the District Attorney. Try giving the DA the information and let him do his job...

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