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Simons' Saturday Column: Focus on sports, athletes has gotten out of whack

When the admissions requirements are raised at KU, setting a higher academic standard for incoming students, will those requirements apply to athletes? Or is there a special exemption for "needed" students?

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Former employee sues Lawrence restaurant for discrimination

Yeah, it seems like the stress was hastened by the outrageously inappropriate demand by the manager that he use a broom and dust pan on a daily basis to clean the floor of the business. I think if you read the text of the complaint you'll realize no lawyer was involved in the filing of this document.

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Heard on the Hill: Update on Spanish minor; a closer look at college town rankings; Dole Institute director sounds off on Romney campaign

Good catch on the college town ranking reports. It looks like a data entry error boosted the ranking by missing the Lawrence rent factor by over 30 percent. HUD data lists Lawrence average 2 bedroom rent at $800, rather than the $536 this company posted on their report. It's always wise to double check the top and bottom outliers of data points, and Lawrence being listed as the cheapest rent in the entire rankings should have prompted a review. Who knows how such a mistake might alter their rankings, but it also prompts the question of how many other errors are included in this database. It's just an indication of how many of these ranking reports are just silly.

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KU enrollment falls, but freshman class grows for first time since 2008

Even though KU decided several years ago to start hiding the Lawrence campus enrollment totals, once you sort through the information on the Edwards Campus, the numbers show through. It appears there are nearly 1,000 (946 actually) fewer students at the Lawrence campus compared with last fall.

We're still 4 years away from the reduction in enrollment planned with the selective admission initiative. That restriction is expected to drop 750 freshman from each incoming class. Without a concerted effort for student recruitment, there may be a need for more aggressive early retirement buyouts in order to shrink the staff and the operating budget.

Is there a significant reason KU has decided not to release numbers of enrolled students at the Lawrence and Edwards campus separately? If it's a concern for the K-State numbers surpassing our campus, well that's already happened, so there is no need to pretend. Let's be proud of being a great university for Kansas, and stop playing games with enrollment and tuition numbers.

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Property owners want answers on extra tax for more parking

$1,200,000 buys 72 parking spaces, that's the nearly $17,000 per space that is mentioned. The $1,400 is what a typical storefront would be charged over 10 years.

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Speculating on population shifts is always a fun exercise, but I'm guessing there are some factors that could cast doubt on the Lawrence projections of this report. To start, the annual growth rate listed in this report is 50 percent greater than we experienced in the most recent Census decade. Will we double our most recent rates and meet these projections? Doubtful. The University is still a significant factor in Lawrence, and the incoming freshman enrollment continues to decline, most recently to a 15 year low. New admissions standards are expected to take an additional 25-30 percent cut from the incoming freshman counts. That's before even considering the impact of on-line education advances. Recent discussions of the Stanford and MIT efforts in on-line development suggest the internet will have a similar impact on traditional higher education as it has on the newspaper and music industry. Perhaps KU will match these innovations, but it won't mean the students will have to live in Lawrence. Combine that student trend with the decline in ex-urban growth as working people weary of the commute costs and time. The work in Topeka/KC - live in Lawrence model diminishes as well. The smart money is on a continued decline in Lawrence population until a concerted effort is made to entice some of those potential manufacturing developments. A downward spiral is never fun, just ask anyone in those Kansas counties that are shrinking.

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Town Talk: National food magazine highlights Wheatfields loaf; city looks to change chicken ordinance; Chamber formally asks for new eco devo organization

You might wish to consult your map again. The Fairgrounds may perhaps be listed as Douglas County property, but they are, and have been for decades, within the city limits of Lawrence.

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Town Talk: National food magazine highlights Wheatfields loaf; city looks to change chicken ordinance; Chamber formally asks for new eco devo organization

Will the amended ordinance allow the County Fair to continue with the poultry barn as well, or will that be shut down in mid stride also?

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KU looking at ways to maintain affordability

I know there are various ways to compare, and that's why the Dept of Ed data needs to be refuted or accepted. Looking at KU in comparison with Madison, Austin, Iowa City, Columbia and Chapel Hill, according to the Feds; Full-time beginning undergraduate students who received grant or scholarship aid from federal, state or local governments, or the institution, are expected to pay (net price) between 20 percent to 200 percent more at KU than any of those other respected institutions.

If there is something wrong with this data from the Department of Education, we better get this cleared up pronto. Otherwise, the recent drops in enrollment at KU will seem rather trivial compared with the shifts that may be coming as people push to seek better value.

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KU looking at ways to maintain affordability

What's the update on KU's effort to appeal our status on the Department of Education's list of shame of the least affordable 4 year public universities in the country? If that appeal isn't successful, all the rest of proposed changes from the Obama administration don't sound very promising for KU. The PR efforts from KU only go so far when people have access to data base details like the Department of Education is promoting.

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