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Mother Earth News Fair coming to Lawrence

Yow! You're right, that's almost one fourth the cost of taking a class at KU (proportionate hourly). If you're comparing it as entertainment, yeah it's a fistful of dollars. But if you're recognizing it as education, it could be a bargain. I guess it depends upon whether you believe you already know everything you need to know in life. Sometimes there are surprising things to discover when you get out and explore.

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Saturday Column: Review of universities must be taken seriously

A very timely and important challenge to all of us who recognize the importance of KU to our community and our State. One picky detail, however, near the end of the commentary is a statement about reversing the downward slide in population in Kansas. While the city of Lawrence may have actually lost population in recent years, I believe the population of Kansas has continued to grow, albeit not at the rates we've seen in previous decades. The result of this slowing of our growth rate has meant the loss of a seat in Congress. Perhaps that's the background fact that heightens Mr. Simons concerns.

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Kansas premiums lower than expected under new health insurance marketplaces, report says

Count your blessings if you've never known anyone who's had to declare bankruptcy due to high medical expenses, even when they had insurance. What I'm suggesting is that a 27 year old still trying to pay off student loans and barely making it, could rack up enough medical expense to sink them, even with insurance. They'll opt for bankruptcy since they won't have much to lose. I know us old farts are dependent on the healthy young ones to pay for insurance to cover our share of the costs, but I wouldn't blame them if they said no thanks.

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Kansas premiums lower than expected under new health insurance marketplaces, report says

There is something left out here - "The report shows that a 27-year old Kansan who makes $25,000 per year will pay $145 per month for the second lowest cost silver plan, taking into account tax credits."

That is the cost ONLY to avoid the fine, and if you don't use the coverage. If you fully use the coverage, the cost for this individual goes up to $578 per month, taking into account limits on maximum out of pocket costs. It's well beyond what a typical 27 year old Kansan has available as monthly discretionary income. While each individual makes their own decision, I could imagine many 27 year olds opting to go for the $250 fine rather than the $6936 potential costs. They'll have to declare bankruptcy either way if they suffer serious medical expenses.

We'll know the crucial enrollment numbers for young people in six months.

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Opinion: Tribe has historical ties to land

Very interesting piece. Do you have a link to Fall Leaf's letter that you mention?

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Tire cleanup planned on the Kansas River

Not saying I'm a supporter at all, but I believe Brownback grew up on a dairy farm in Anderson County. I'm not sure what your experience is with milking parlors and manure management, but I would tend to say that hard work and dirty tasks are part of the life in dairy. Much more so than a life in the suburbs that is typical for most Kansans these days. I have no idea how he handles rabbits.

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Obama coming to Lawrence to visit KU on Friday

Actually, that part of the JW article was added after I posed the question. Glad to see they responded.

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Obama coming to Lawrence to visit KU on Friday

Who was the last sitting President to visit Lawrence? Not sure Eisenhower made it. Was it Harding, or Roosevelt? Ford and Clinton were after the fact?

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Census rejects city's appeal of 2010 population totals; new Census numbers for Douglas County show growth slowed in 2012

I appreciate the humor in these comments, yet at the same time it's slightly pathetic that the City has chosen this marker to rest it's case on. There are way too many scenarios to question the validity of this measure of population - garbage disposals, leaves and grass in blended sewer lines (let alone the vegetarian question).

This is likely the most crucial question in the City's planning process. We know that KU has dropped 1800 students since the 2010 census, and with restricted admissions will see that number dropped further in coming years.

Is it not possible to use water usage in the January-February billing period for all residential meters, calculate a baseline ratio from previous decades, then use that to factor current numbers? Of course, if more people are showering together now than in 1980, that might skew the calculations as well.

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The sequel: Freezing rain, snow expected to hit Lawrence Monday

Very good! But Glinda was the Good Witch of the North. The witch of the South was of course Dorothy Gale, from the people of the south wind.

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