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NO FOOLIN’! Believe it: KU makes title game

Another example of why great individual talents often fall short of meeting expectations and great teams win. If you watch this Jayhawk team closely you'll notice that every time they get away from 'team' play their overall performance goes to pot but when they are playing team basketball, they are lethal. Regardless of the final outcome, this team has earned my respect along with the respect of the 99% that didn't think they would ever have a chance.

Go Jayhawks!
Douglas Rodriguez
CatHawk Fan
A House United

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Sunflower downer: Two-minute stretch seals KU's fate in 59-21 loss to Kansas State

Let's see, last week I warned Oklahoma that they lived or died by the pass. This week they ignored me and died.

Last week, I welcomed Mr. Tebow to the Denver Broncos. This week everyone knows why.

I know the KU game looked ugly but you've got a bunch of freshmen and sophomores trying to figure out the powerhouse Juniors and Seniors in the Big 12. The answer is not to fire the coach and I didn't see any defensive players wearing pink panties. Dry up cry babies, you're not on the field. When your team gets pounded and you don't have the courage not to become a 'fair weather friend' the team and its real fans have to ask, isn't the guy that mentions pink panties the most likely one to be wearing them? (lol)
When this Jayhawk team wins I walk away proud. When it falls short, I prefer to thank them for the effort and 'believe' they're just as disappointed as I am and not willing to settle for an unsatisfactory result.

I've got your back Hawks!

Doug Rodriguez
Williams Fund Member

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Kansas legislator suggests using hunters in helicopters to control illegal immigration, likens immigrants to feral hogs

You must be referring to the corrupt U.S. healthcare system before Obama voted change or maybe you mean, the greedy oil companies; if not its gotta be the extreme Republicans.

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Kansas legislator suggests using hunters in helicopters to control illegal immigration, likens immigrants to feral hogs

Virgil Peck's approach is as old as racism itself. First, say anything that is certain to inflame the masses and incite the ignorant to resent and hate people they don't know. Second, sit back and wait for the attention you don't deserve and otherwise would never get.

You have to give credit to Kansas. Intelligent people in Kansas, in my experience; there are many, don't take the Virgil Peck's of the world seriously.

After Brown v. Board, blacks reclaimed the dignity and respect they deserve. Unfortunately, some Kansans don't get it. No longer having blacks to blame for your failures doesn't give you the right to redirect your post Brown v. Board frustration, prejudices or personal failures at Mexican citizens or legal Mexican Americans.

For countless valid reasons, Mexicans generally are a proud group. Take the emotions out of it. If you hate Mexicans, why do you flock to Mexican restaurants? If you hate brown, why tan? If illegals bother you so much why do your big businesses hire them to do work you won't do and pay them less than they'd pay you? How absurd does it get? How many corporate CEOs are illegal Mexicans? How about accepting responsibility for your lot in life. Blaming any ethnic group for joblessness or one's lot in life reeks of ease, simplicity and a stunning lack of serious effort.

Who led the near economic collapse under George W. Bush, was it illegal Mexicans? Whose lavish spending and out-of-control borrowing has contributed the most to the overall poor condition of the U.S. economy? If we're simple enough to put color to it, its not black, brown or red. So what color is it?

Note: The writer (author) is the son of a decorated thirty-nine year U.S. Army veteran (Korea and Vietnam) Nineteen members of the Rodriguez family are U.S. military veterans, all have been honorably discharged following their military service. Military ranks among the Rodriguez's range from private first class to colonel.

Doug Rodriguez
Lawrence, KS

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