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Lawrence girl, 17, in critical condition after being struck by vehicle

Our whole family is thinking of your family. We're part of the turtle saver club as well. Best wishes for a very speedy recovery.

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Lawrence opens new nature trail

Here are some photos. There were already joggers using the new sidewalk early this morning!

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Senate votes to defund Common Core standards

"A bill to kill Common Core educational standards in Kansas has Baldwin School Superintendent Paul Dorathy concerned a $100,000 district investment could be lost."

I imagine this is true for districts across the state. Talk about hitting 'em when they're down. Where's the fiscal responsibility?

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Lawrence teacher gives kidney to prolong colleague's life

These guys are the best. Our whole family will be thinking of them today, wishing them full and speedy recoveries.

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Kansas delegation holds position of making government funding contingent on delaying Obamacare

this may be the dumbest LJW comment I've ever read:

In_God_we_trust 19 hours, 41 minutes ago

President Obama and Sen. Harry Reid's strategy is to force higher spending for the government, without agreeing to a budget, validated by the House and congress. The ultimate outcome if successful would be that the President and Sen. Harry Reid would plunge the country into a crisis every time they want to spend more than has been permitted by the congress. It would in effect strip the House of their constitutional power of the purse. This could in effect, create a dictatorship over the US. The President and Harry Reid need to compromise and do what is right for the country.

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KU seniors, bromantic duo finding the fun in music of any variety

Love, love, love these guys!

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Should Kansas abandon its ban on same-sex marriage?

100% in the 9th smartest town in the country!

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District orders changes to 8th grade slavery lesson

Students at Central are lucky to have Mr. Wormsley. He is one of the best. It's too bad people can't understand why students love his class so much, and would rather make kids sit at desks and fill out worksheets. Kids learn through role playing. That's what this lesson was about, nothing more and nothing less. My kids adore Mr. Wormsley and still cite things they learned from his class — they visit him at Central whenever they can. This controversy is ridiculous. This teacher is a model for what teachers should be.

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A road to better wetlands

Three generations of Boyds have tirelessly worked to clean up and restore this area. Through thick and thin, they've never stopped educating students and the community about conservation and wildlife. In a few short years they've demonstrated how to restore a corn field to a diverse habitat. No doubt they'll continue to make the new area amazing, and increase their educational reach. Thank you Roger and Jon, for making lemonade out of this KDOT lemon. I can't think of better stewards for this important place.

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