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Survivalists prepare for oil crisis

It had two bedrooms. He said they had to have 3, as they belonged to some church that instructs each family to have one years rations in storage, so they needed the third bedroom for that.Mormons are required to do this.

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City explores creating 'green cemetery' option

I think embalming bodies is a lot more morbid.

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KU debaters ranked No. 1 in the nation

I always want a parade. Parades are one of the reasons I love living in Lawrence. Some small towns still have them, but the cities don't seem to have many. Oh yeah, really big parades, but not many. I have had the most fun talking to fellow spectators and enjoying the creativeness involved. We should have a parade and include the HS debaters too. Maybe they wouldn't snub the football team.

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Columnist adapts to Kansans' driving habits

"I still think they need a light at 31st and Louisiana. At rush hour I have counted lines 20 cars deep in three directions, waiting to get through the four-way stop. Where do you all get such patience?"This is political. If they put a light there, people would find that they don't really need the SLT after all.

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Fourth right foot found off Canada's coast

At least we know their not from grave sites. No one is buried in sneakers nowadays.You can be buried in sneakers if you want. Before my mother died she made my sister promise to bury her with no shoes. She said she would come back to haunt us if we put shoes on her feet. The funeral director kept trying to convince us to bring some shoes, but we wouldn't budge and inch, or in this case a foot.

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City of Vallejo files for bankruptcy protection

The real estate bubble is really bad in California. My house would be worth a million dollars there at one time, but only 180,000 here. The city was probably use to living off the inflated values, but now the values are adjusting themselves, the tax revenues have dropped drastically. I don't think it will be that extreme in Kansas, even Lawrence. We may be the same country, but we don't have the same economy across the board.

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City sales tax proposal gaining favor

This tax may pass. The people living on taxes outnumber those paying them in Lawrence.What? So is Lawrence a town where only the wealthy can afford to live or is it full of welfare people? Good grief.

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Clutter attack

Now her parents have it in writing that she is going to clean her room. She can't get out of it now.

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Fourth right foot found off Canada's coast

Multidisciplinary (Anonymous) says:"There is no evidence to suggest the foot - or any or the previous three - was forcibly removed, Linteau said."So, like..what..they got up and walked away?roflmao.That was my thought exactly. Feet just dropping off is kind of scary.

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Cost of war?

"My father served in two branches in World War II and Korea and was in the first graduating NROTC class at Kansas University. He will be 81 in June. He and the estimated 2,800 surviving members of the Merchant Marines have never received government benefits." I thought NROTC helped pay for college. Isn't this a benefit? And because he went to college he probably didn't need to apply for a GI loan. And because he came back with all his limbs and a sound mind he didn't need any health care. I thank your father for his service, and I'm glad he came back whole and sound, but not all veterans are so lucky. There have been some horror stories about the way returning veterans in this war and in the VietNam war have been treated, and not by war protesters. I'm talking about how our government has dropped the ball. The Republicans use veterans and flag waving all the time for political gain, so it's not just a Democrat thing; it's a politician thing. And yes, I agree that taking care of veterans shouldn't be used politically, but this letter contradicts itself. Her dad didn't need veteran's benefits, so I get the impression that she thinks veterans should suck it up. Then she says veterans should be taken care of. Not a clear letter at all.

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