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Letter to the Editor: Look at science

Ohhh...incomplete information. Which just happened to lead to the exact same conclusions and ways to "fix it". That's very convenient.

So the question above, "what if you're wrong?", only applies to the other side. Cause yours has already been wrong, but only due to incomplete data. The last 30 years of better data (and funding, media control, gov't/academic integration, and philanthropic "donations") has now sewn the case shut.

Hard to argue with logic like that.

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Letter to the Editor: Look at science

Read the articles, not just the headlines. The level of investigation you demonstrated is a large part of the problem today.

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Letter to the Editor: Look at science

What about all of these?

What about the 1970s global ice age prediction? There is a pretty good list of studies, headlines and articles here.

Mr Burgess, your camp has been wrong once and now they want the world to spend trillions of dollars on ineffective technology, bankrupt companies with overzealous regulations, seize more control through Agenda 21 initiatives, and steal taxpayer money to bailout failed companies. They are ruining lives now.

And by the way, comparing the science of microwaves and cell phones to climate change is a ridiculous. It sets up a false argument. One you can prove, the other you can't. Try comparing to religion...there are many more parallels.

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Koch influence present in school lawsuit

It would do you well to learn a bit more about the 3/5ths clause. I was taught the same thing you were and for years never put forth the effort to test the conclusion spouted from agenda driven classrooms and textbooks.

I suggest you read the entire article, but I'll also link the most appropriate takeaway.

"[T]he Constitution allowed Southern States to count three-fifths of their slaves toward the population that would determine numbers of representatives in the federal legislature. This clause is often singled out today as a sign of black dehumanization: they are only three-fifths human. But the provision applied to slaves, not blacks. That meant that free blacks–and there were many, North as well as South–counted the same as whites. More important, the fact that slaves were counted at all was a concession to slave owners. Southerners would have been glad to count their slaves as whole persons. It was the Northerners who did not want them counted, for why should the South be rewarded with more representatives, the more slaves they held?

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School board to look at expanding full-day kindergarten to all elementaries

The decline has nothing to do with how much we spend or how long the kids sit there. We are getting exactly what public school was designed to produce. Might I recommend

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Gas gouge

Scott. I suggest you watch this short video. You'll have a much better understanding of why gas prices are rising.

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Supreme Court health care arguments under way

What's your opinion about his reason for setting up the foundation and funding vaccines?

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Energy priorities

Anyone who thinks we need to take drastic, bankrupting actions to avoid doom needs to read this and provide a REASON filled answer why this time they are correct. If you can't, then you need to reconsider your emotional response to this issue and face the fact that you may be wrong.

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Kansas water policy changes moving forward

Brownback just can't catch a break. He does something the left should be in agreement with and you still find a reason to complain.

Keystone won't have to be ramrodded through. The Pres approved it last week when he signed the payroll extension...aka HR 3630. Here's the applicable snipet.

"The President, acting through the Secretary of State, shall grant a permit relating to issuance of permits with respect to certain energy-related facilities and land transportation crossings on the international boundaries of the United States for the Keystone XL pipeline project."

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Bill would allow guns on campus

Well said.

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