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State board refutes Common Core privacy concerns

See my comment above Peter. And do some investigative work. It would make a much better story and provide much more context into why people are resisting this initiative.

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State board refutes Common Core privacy concerns

I'm not saying it's collected now. I'm saying it's on the horizon. Conceptual today can easily become implemented next school year.

As I read your comment, I'm also thinking we might not be that far off from each other. I don't think the schools will collect this data as in the sense of collecting and storing. I think the plan is to use the schools as a collection device only. They might see small samples of the data, but not the entire collection. No way can they manage it.

Schools will have to play their part or they won't get federal money. It was all written into the stimulus plan.

Which should cause every parent's radar to go off at an even higher decibel level. If a teacher started asking questions and using biofeedback systems like these people are conceptualizing, they would be pissed and engaging the school board. Or at least they should be. So shouldn't they be even more on guard if it's being done by people they never meet, will never have the chance to confront and have no way to hold them accountable?

Who those people are isn't that hard to find. Just follow the technology trail and they people setting everything up. I already listed several companies. Microsoft, GE, Amazon (store the data in the cloud), SRI...just to name a few. Eli Broad, Bill Gates also offer 2 good places to start.

And at the end of the day. This is all about figuring out what our kids are good at and what they are not good at. Sort them according to skill/personality/behavior type and plug them into their future profession. Makes it easy for those companies to plan out their workforce and create products that future consumers will want to have. They will know more about our kids then we do. At least "scientifically". Which according to some on this thread is apparently ok. It's just science.

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State board refutes Common Core privacy concerns

My point was simply that you and the other commenters were wrong. Data is being collected...and much more than ever before. By companies who make the technology used to collect/store it (amazon, microsoft, GE, etc) and the Gov't. To further drive that point home, here are some of the data points/statistics to be collected. I set it for K12. You can play around using the menu on the left.

Notice a couple specifically mentioned by you as not being tracked. Religious affiliation and voting status.

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State board refutes Common Core privacy concerns

Here you go.

Just because those in attendance didn't have the data to back up their point, does not mean it's not available.

Exhibit 11 on page 44 is particularly comforting.

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U.S. Supreme Court strikes down voter registration law similar to the one in Kansas

Meanwhile, at Kobach's home over the weekend. His kids were reported to be inside at the time. Where's the coverage LJW?

Who invaded you ask? These fine folks.

Notice their guiding principles. Especially the one that says, "Everyone should have human rights, including food, shelter, medical care, education, and a job."

and then this one. "The common good is more important than privilege for a few."

Pretty sure this idiotic thinking is what leads to millions of people dead...

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National Interfaith Power and Light president and founder speaks in Lawrence

You should spend some time looking at your religion with a skeptical eye. It's OK to think for yourself.

This one is especially good considering your "overwhelming" comment.

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Push-back on Common Core not unique to Kansas

It's not about standards for child improvement in the way a parent thinks. Smarter, better employment future, etc. It's improving the child to be a better consumer.

Here's Bill Gates saying so.

But how does a company figure out what's the best product/service to create for a growing market? Market research! Collect hundreds of data points on kids. How they react emotionally, how they perform under stress, parent's voting record, skills they are good at, skills they are not good at (helps push towards future job), blood type, medical history, nutrition, etc. Require them to wear wrist bands to measure biometrics, take regular fMRIs...basically treat them like lab rats.

And that's not conspiracy. You can find all of it sourced in the DOEs documents and funding for it in the stimulus bill. But you have to look for it and do your research. The LJWorld and Huff Po aren't going to do it for you.

Would you let your neighbor grab that much info on your kid? How about the babysitter? College entrance interview? How about Microsoft, Amazon, Google, the IRS or the Gov't? Wake up people.

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FreedomWorks urges Legislature to reject Common Core reading and math standards

and it requires effort on the reader's part to research topics, concepts, the people behind common core, etc while also critically thinking on their own. Pretty much the antithesis of common core.

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FreedomWorks urges Legislature to reject Common Core reading and math standards

Before this thread goes off the rails, pretty good series of articles with much more background can be found here.

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