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LMH named one of the country's top 100 hospitals in new independent review

We've a history with this hospital and family being on staff there; also known some time ago as the "charity" hospital. The quality of care given by those doctors and nurses in the past was impeccable and dedicated. When the tables were turned they and their family members were treated to the same. So glad to see this happen.

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Letter: Change needed

I would just add that reading the comments, the ones I did read, is like listening to the answers given to many questions in the campaigns for election just over. There seem to be many people who must keep their focus on their own agenda for fear that any kind of discussion would distract them. Questions aren't answered. What I wonder is how many people who will be running for re-election the soonest will stand up for what they really believe is right even in the glare of the bully NRA. The constitution covers all Americans, not just gun owners and not just gun owners who decide the meaning of the second amendment to allow the gun behavior they desire.

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Letter: Change needed

Your statement that there were gun free zones plus laws against having guns very clearly points to the fact that the guns got in there anyway. Making a mature combined attempt to revise gun related issues is certainly preferable to adding more guns to the equation. Something has to give. Restricting automatic weapons on one hand to balance what Sandy Hook has already given seems a reasonable place to start.

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Letter: Change needed

Neither will the belligerent refusal on the part of the NRA and most of the commenters to even have a civil dialog solve this serious problem. I still haven't been able to get an answer to my question: Why do you need to have an automatic gun with multiple cartridges? (Don't belittle the vocabulary - that just points out extreme immaturity). What do you plan to do with those guns? Other than hunting, for that matter, what do you plan to do with any of them?

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Survivors of suicide discuss prevention, how to cope

I may be more than a little sensitive to the wording in this article because of the agony a friend is going through, but this paragraph I've copied below could have been written more carefully so there is no question to whom the participants want their message spread. People who are confronted with absolutely shocking news of a suicide where there has been no warning at all are not likely to have discussed it and they do not need to be confronted with more reason to feel guilt than they've already been given.

"The message those participants wanted to spread was that suicide needs to be openly discussed before tragedy happens, as well as after. Mental illness, they said, should be treated just like physical illnesses, such as cancer or heart disease, and not stigmatized. Many regretted that their loved ones never found lasting treatments for the chronic depressions that ultimately ended their lives."

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Neighborhood watch: Study puts new perspective on community face time

In our Overland Park neighborhood, we have a mixture of people. Some are very willing to be neighbors and do little things for each other when they come up even if its only a wave across the street. Others on our same street don't care to be included in once a year block parties or other interactions. Either way is fine but I would hate for someone to be in trouble or in need and go unhelped. So its not always as easy as it sounds. It would be good if real estate agents could know where the "neighborly attitude" exists and use it (or not) as a selling point.

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