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Kansas seeking help from feds to pay unemployment benefits

Several years ago, when times were good, our Republican legislature decided the unemployment insurance reserves were too big, so the employer contributions were cut --- during a time when they could have afforded the payments.

Now that times are bad, it'll be necessary to increase the employer contributions to the unemployment fund.

The result of political grandstanding is that what should be a counter-cyclical program (UI) becomes a program that exacerbates the cyclical nature of the economy.

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Do you plan to read Sarah Palin's new book?

Only if I can borrow it from the library. Buying one would mean giving her some of my money and she doesn't deserve it.

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How many states have you been to?

Only 49. Haven't been to Hawaii. Waiting for them to finish building the bridge.

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Time change could put some behind schedule

As soon as Congress passed the extension of daylight time, it struck me that this would create a problem with computers and even more importantly with other devices with the rules for daylight time embedded in chips.

That brings us back to WHY they passed it. There was a grassroots push to do something about energy conservation for a variety of reasons. Meanwhile, the Administration was opposed to things that would really cut into energy use.

It was therefore useful to APPEAR to do something about energy conservation without taking the real and necessary steps. Changing the clock was the way to have energy conservation legislation without conserving energy.

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Should the Kansas Legislature vote to go on record as being against Bush's call for more troops?

No, we are trying to impose democracy on Iraq, not on the United States.

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Will Kansas become an English-only state?


Studies show that bilingualism delays the onset of Alzheimer's by an average of four years.

I guess if I owned some nursing homes with empty rooms, I'd be in favor of the English only legislation.

Since I don't, let's remain a free society.

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Do you think the city will ever lift the smoking ban?

Should they repeal the ban? Absolutely.
We live in a pluralistic society in a system based on private property rights. Why should the owner of a property be required to discriminate against a minority group of which he might even be a member.

Will they repeal the ban? Probably not.

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