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Financial officer says city's biggest issue is lack of job creation

Rational has severe mental problems. Give him a break.

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Financial officer says city's biggest issue is lack of job creation

No, rational. I didnt just move to Lawrence in the last 24 hours.

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Financial officer says city's biggest issue is lack of job creation

Rational animal-

Which suits are you referring to? Do you agree that Employers who break the law need to be penalized?
Have you been sued recently? Are you a business owner? - sounds like a sore spot for you , personally.. . .

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Financial officer says city's biggest issue is lack of job creation

Employment is an issue for Lawrence? NO WAY!

I have had TONS of great paying jobs with a solid foundation for upward mobility here in Lawrence. This is a city of golden opportunity for anyone looking to get a decent job and really work from the groud up to build a career.

Like that telemarketing center by Ousdhal and 23rd that has had 4 different names. . .

Like the rich selection of quality pizza delivery jobs that allow gratuities galore!

The plethora of gas station attendant jobs peppered throughout the city which all begin at a hefty salary. . .

And for the more serious, dedicated employee, there is the vast array of tavern/bar jobs where a fortune can be made from college student tip money!

If you REALLY put some effort into it, over the years with some elbow grease and a good work ethic, you can obtain that coveted job waiting tables at FREESTATE. Yes. That's how you KNOW you've got it made!

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Prison escapee receives 130 months

I say let him go! Anyone who can escape from prison these days should be free.

besides, he's not a killer - he's a lover!

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House looking harder at language bill

Making english the official language of this state will not make the non-english speakers suddenly fluent in this tounge.

What about blind or deaf people? Will they have to learn the english versions of brail or sign language after this retarded law is passed?

Mediocraty runs rampant amung law-makers in kansas. HEY DON MEYERS! YOU RETARD!!! Find something better to do with your time, you loser! ! ! ! !

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Tree concerns

No worries, Mr R. Let's chill out and get some buds and watch "the lorax" by Dr seuss.

January 29, 2007 at 4:10 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Tree concerns

As a gobally conscious citizen, I am OUTRAGED that there are people out there like Buck and Mr. Ramirez.

Trees are beautiful additions to a landscape. They play a crucial role in couter-acting greenhouse gasses and absorbtion of other harmful pollutants that you make with your gas-guzzling automobiles.

Animals live in trees, also. How would you like it, Mr Ramirez if a giant squirrel drove a bulldozer through your house because it interfered with his nest?

Have I worn any other shoes in the last 9 years besides birkenstocks? No. No I havent. Not even in the snow.

Do I like the "natural" order of things and appreciate a good dreadlock hairstyle?
Yes. yes I do.

Am I going to live in a world without trees?

No. I wont.

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Bill would require HPV shot for girls

What about chicks who are doin it BEFORE 6th grade?

January 26, 2007 at 9:26 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Swine still running wild in rural areas



I think the same procedure for irraticating the wild hogs should be employed for the out-of-town KU sporting event attendees.


Is there any information as to WHY these animals are so threatening? Why am I spending my tax dollars on this tactic? Are pigs like killer bees or grizzly bears? Are they dangerous to crops or to livestock or to man?

From the chopper do you use one of thoes huge, mounted 50 caliber machine guns and just blow them apart with like 10, 000 rounds over and over again in a shower of blood? GACK, GACK, GACK, GACK, GACK, GACK, GACK, !!!!! ! YAAAA!!!! YOU LIKE THAT, PIGGYS?!?!?! ! GACK, GACK, GACK, GACK !!!!!

PS - arent you the first guy the government calls if there is a zombie outbreak?


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