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Critics call registry for sex offenders vague, unfair

sublime - you are turning me on! As a matter of fact - this whole article is hot!

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KU student taps into faith for peace

Praying infront of the white house is nice, but the only way to get washington's attention is to fly a plane into a building.

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Another Free State on tap

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Sebelius confirms she'll sign casino bill

Like cable television, gambling is a waste of time and money.

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Sebelius confirms she'll sign casino bill

Thanks for the pictorial LJW! You got it right. A visual depiction of gambling for what it really is. A lonlely, elderly, overweight ,unheatlhy looking senior sitting alone spending money she probably cant afford to lose on the slot mnachines.

Thanks for not showing a bunch of energetic, attractive, young, happy people winning fortunes.

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Professor helps cut rising cost of books

Good job Craig.

Like physicians marketing drugs to their patients, teachers are slowly turning into publisher "lobbyists" at the universities or colleges where they "push" their products onto the students.

It's OK to have a book expese budget for your textbooks, but bookstores and publishers are totally taking advantage of the system buy gouging their prices. (The buyback is always an insult)

MY advice to students - Ask the professor at the end of the semester if they are teaching the same class next semester and if they are planning on using the same required books for their class.

If this is the case, HOLD ONTO your books and wait til the following semester! (I know it's hard) Then, you show up to the class for the first day and sell it to a fellow student for %25 more than what the theiving bookstore was offering. The fellow student will save also on the purchase. Jayhawk bookstore or UBS or whoever can be cut out of the equasion and everyone will be happy.

If you are law student - go here!

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Ban on domestic registry put on hold

Are there actually gay people in Kansas? I thought is was illegal in the midwest to be "light in the loafers."

I'm pretty sure anal sex is illegal in this state. . . So that rules out all the gay people, right?

It's good thing the state legislature prevents any indecent types of behavior from running amuck. . .

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Hunt targets hog haven at Clinton Lake

Nice front page pictorial, LJW! Very "Lord of the Flies".

Why am I spending my tax dollars on this tactic? Are wild pigs really that dangerous?

From the chopper we I think they should use one of thoes huge, mounted 50 caliber machine guns and just blow them apart with like 10, 000 rounds over and over again in a shower of blood. GACK, GACK, GACK, GACK, GACK, GACK, GACK, !!!!! ! YAAAA!!!! YOU LIKE THAT, PIGGYS?!?!?! ! GACK, GACK, GACK, GACK !!!!! DIE! DIE DIE!



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