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City approves agreement for SLT/Bob Billings interchange

My thoughts - if you are looking at buying a home in Lawrence, do not buy one on Bob Billings!

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Special police detail seeks to curb dangerous behavior among college students

Not saying I like what's going on with the whstleblower and surveillance leaks but if you would prefer to live in Canada, I'd say pack your bags. No one here is stopping you and you don't even need a Passport to get in to Canada! Safe travels!

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Special police detail seeks to curb dangerous behavior among college students

Drinking age is 21 nation wide. If you are not 21, you are going to at least get a ticket for MIC or MIP and if you are driving it will be more. No need to give a warning - that is black and white. If you are over 21, the legal limit to drive may differ from state to state but don't be stupid enough to do it and you wont get a ticket. I don't think jaywalking is something they are going to be as concerned about as some of the more serious issues. Have these kids take responsibility for their actions! You play, you pay!!

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Which version of Batman is your favorite?

My exact thought!

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KBI arrests Franklin County sheriff and deputy on obstruction of justice charges

There are corrupt people in law enforcement, just as there are in every other place in society. There are also many, many good people in every place in society. Lucky777 ~ you sound like you have had some bad experiences with law enforcement ~ could it be that you were one of those who continually whine about being harrassed by law enforcement ~ that it was never your fault ~ that they were just picking on you? The list goes on and on. In my experience, the ones who have the most problem with law enforcement are the ones who most often break the law. I don't know what these 2 officers have or have not done, but if they are guilty, I hope they are punished to the full extent of the law, just as I would hope anyone else was.

As far as judges believing a cop over a suspected criminal, I don't buy that. I know of a judge that was convicted of a DUI before he was appointed to his judicial position and after his appointment, has dropped every DUI case he could - including cases of 3rd and 4th time DUI's - one of which ended up killing someone else when again driving drunk. This same judge has lied to people, yet continues to serve as judge. What is wrong with that picture?

Same thing goes - there are good judges and bad judges. Just hope that the truth is completely uncovered - whatever the outcome.

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KBI arrests Franklin County sheriff and deputy on obstruction of justice charges

Sounds like some of our other elections!!

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Editorial: Gun action

I'm not at all saying that firearms and guns should be compared. Your comment of "In the hands of skilled and responsible owners, automobiles are not dangerous. In the hands of irresponsible owners, they are very dangerous." Totally agree with that. I also agree with your comment of guns being dangerous/not dangerous depending on the owner/handler. I will guarantee that my guns have never injured another person in any way, shape or form and have provided countless hours of enjoyment while target shooting, skeet shooting, etc. They have also provided my family with hundreds of pounds of meat that fed my family. That is not to say that all people should own guns!

There have also comparisons to knives and baseball bats - neither of which was intended to be used on another human being, but sadly, often are. I'm just not convinced that more gun laws will put an end to, or even slow down, the violence, because in places where the laws are the strictest, the violence is just as bad, or often worse.

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Editorial: Gun action

It is also interesting that Chicago and New York city have some of the strictest gun laws in the country, yet Chicago has one of the highest violent crime rates in the nation. In 2010, more Chicago police officers were killed by gunfire than any other police agency in the nation. Until a few months ago, it was illegal to own or possess a handgun in the city of Chicago - even to have it in your own home.

Now the state of New York has enacted a bunch of new legislation with more restrictions. But what is intersting about the new laws is one little thing they apparently forgot - law enforcement! The way the new restrictions on magazine capacity is written, it will be illegal to have a magazine that holds over 7 rounds. That means that every law enforcement officer will be in possession of illegal magazines! Now, I'm sure they will get this fixed before it goes into effect, but to me it just shows what happens when knee-jerk reactions run rampant.

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Evacuation lifted for homes near Langston Hughes school in west Lawrence after large grass fire

Fox4 didn't own the chopper - they leased it - their contract ran out around August 2009 and they grounded it at that time.

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Have you ever been to a rodeo?

seriously? animals being tortured??? go back to your PETA group or something.

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