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Deckert sentenced to 14 days in jail, two years on supervised parole in fatal hit-and-run

Well maybe you need to purchase some Qtips and clean your ears out. Because Jake hit Tom. How in the hell does the front end on Jakes car get heavily damaged and the passenger side of Toms car completely cave in if Tom is the one that hit Jake??? Hmmmmm.....sounds kind of funny now doesn't it.

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Deckert sentenced to 14 days in jail, two years on supervised parole in fatal hit-and-run

Well, I'm not a Punk and I won't stoop to your level since I don't know you! And it might not have been on Nov. 1st but he has been seen out drinking numerous times by many different people. You can defend him as much as you want since you are obviously his friend, the fact is he killed a man.

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Deckert sentenced to 14 days in jail, two years on supervised parole in fatal hit-and-run

heels007- who do you get your information from? Being close to the Crum family I have heard what the witnesses say and they all said that Tom was driving normally, that no one would have know he had been drinking. Jake did not stop at the stop sign nor did he even slow down. If you are a friend of Jakes then get over it, he is only going to serve 14 days in jail over christmas break. there is still plenty of time for you to go out and party with him before then. I'm sure that he will be out celebrating tonight for his light sentence!

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Deckert sentenced to 14 days in jail, two years on supervised parole in fatal hit-and-run

For all of you that feel so sorry for Jake and think that he didn't do anything wrong......let's see how you feel when he is your kids, grabdkids, nieces,nephews teacher. I'm sure he will make a fine teacher (from my understanding that is what he is going to school for). I'm sure he will screw up. It's only a matter of time and getting caught. He's been out partying and drinking every weekend since!

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Two people killed in fiery K-10 car crash

Yes, I am really confused! I just read the article 3 times and can't find anywhere in it that says anything about alcohol being involved. Why jump to conclusions? Maybe one had a medical condition, there could be many reasons this happened but wait for the full story to come out before making comments and judging.

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One person killed, two people injured in serious K10 accident

JourneyMan-I applaud you for what you did today! Most people just keep driving and don't even think about if someone may need help. You set aside your own fears and plans to help someone, to comfort them. I am sure that girl will never forget you! I know that it will be hard to get past but know that you are a hero in many peoples eyes! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers as well as the victims and their families!

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Teen missing from Texas may be in Lawrence with older man is the link to the Missing & Exploited Childrens website. It has her picture & info.

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Suspect found in hit-and-run death

No, he has not been arrested, waiting on the DA's office to review the case and press charges!

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Suspect found in hit-and-run death

Yes he made a huge mistake! But most importantly....he made a choice, a decision to get in his vehicle and drive when it is very obvious that he had no business driving! So many lives are affected by this! My friends lost their father in the worst way. Mr. Deckert has to live with the fact that he killed a man for the rest of his life. All I can do is pray that this opens his eyes and changes him for the better. I can't say that he is a horrible man because I don't know him, but I can still be angry at him for what he has done. Does that make me a horrible person? I don't believe that it does, and it shouldn't. People have every right to be angry at Mr. Deckert! And everyone is entitled to their own opinion!

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Police say they have a suspect in Sunday's fatal hit-and-run

I don't even know where to start! His son's were with him celebrating his birthday. I know for a fact that they would not have let him leave and drive himself home if he had had to much to drink. Just because he may of had a shot at 5pm doesn't mean that he was drunk at 2am. I know way more then they are saying at this point and I have faith that it will all come out. I know that Mr. Deckert was out drinking at a unknown bar with friends and that he was given a ride home and that is when he got in his vehicle and took Tom's life. I know from someone that knows Mr. Deckert that the reason he was given a ride home was because he was drunk and DOESN'T HAVE A DRIVERS LICENSE! I do not know why he doesn't have one. I stated yesterday that Mr. Deckert had been arrested, I was incorrect in that statement as false information was given to the family. We pray that justice is served. If you saw the channel 6 news last night at 10pm then you saw what kind of people the Crum boys are......very good people. If you didn't see it you, it is on the newest article on this. Please keep the Crums in your thoughts and prayers during this very difficult time.

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