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Kansas man accidentally shoots wife with gun at Lenexa restaurant

Some of you act like one has to have a CC to carry a gun somewhere! I'm sure the guy who went on a shooting rampage in CO had a permit, and the guy at Sandy Hook, and all the other shootings like these that have happened. Seriously??? It doesn't matter, if a crazy person wants to harm people they will find a way. If you are responsible with your weapon and carry it properly, you can avoid this type of accident of shooting your wife in the leg! I wait for the day that one of you are in a public place and someone with a CC comes to your rescue when a crazy armed person starts shooting at random! Oh wait, that's already happened, yet it doesn't get reported like the rest of these stories!

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3 arrested after car chase, crash

Very well said!

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Eudora resident Stacy R. Scott pleads no contest to molesting 9-year-old boy

After you have been molested, then you can determine how much time is too much. For the victim, no amount of time is enough. That child will always live with the fear that this man is going to get out of prison some day.

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Lawrence man, 28, remains in critical condition after being hit by two cars Saturday night at busy intersection

I applaud the 2 people that hit the man for stopping and not running. Can't say that for many people any more! Whether alcohol was a factor for them or not, they still stopped! Hope the gentleman that was hit recovers quickly.

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Lawrence woman seriously injured in hit-and-run accident

We already know what will happen......a week in the douglas county jail over spring break so they don't miss school.

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Air ambulance called to scene of one-vehicle rollover south of Lawrence

Yes, life flight is very expensive. Have a $15,000.00 bill with them. LMH is quick to call them in without even giving any CAT Scans or anything to see if it's even needed. All that ended up being needed was a few stitches. Those were some very costly stitches!

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3-year-old Eudora girl dies while waiting for heart transplant

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Ellis family. Heaven received a true Princess last night! -TG

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Deckert sentenced to 14 days in jail, two years on supervised parole in fatal hit-and-run

Honey, I am done arguing with you, there is no point to it, I am a grown woman and I know what happened that night along with the majority of the other grown people. You obviously have a lot of growing still along with your really great friend!

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Deckert sentenced to 14 days in jail, two years on supervised parole in fatal hit-and-run

heels007- actually I was there and if you remember Mr. Branson went back in his papers and read the witnesses statements from the night of the accident and they said that Jake was out of the intersection which would mean he wasn't stopped at the stop sign, also it sure was a pretty accountacble witness when they said that she and her friends had been out drinking all night as well. Real credible witness. Tom was traveling east on 6th street and Jake was coming out of the street that is right there my Sonic. He hit Tom so hard that he pushed his car across at least 4 lanes of road and into a building on the other side of the road! The witness was brought in to determine who was at fault in causing the accident. Which she really didn't help. The whole purpose of todays sentencing was leaving the scene of an accident, dui, failure to yield(hmmm that would be not stopping) and failing to report an accident all of which he plead guilty to.

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