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City considers fate of Packard graveyard in middle of Lawrence

I live up there myself and love it. Love that it's got its own relaxed feel, very little traffic, farms, etc. But it seems to be the one place in town where you can really fly that hoarder flag. Or make crazy mods to your house. I was just surprised that these codes actually get enforced... I guess you have to have neighbors that care.

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Kansas House votes to end sales tax on food

seconding that. $350 million is a lot to make up.

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City considers fate of Packard graveyard in middle of Lawrence

Apparently city commissioners never go up to North Lawrence. Junkyards galore.

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Attorneys for South Lawrence Trafficway supporters, opponents square off in oral arguments in Denver appeals court

Why should the state subsidize commuters? That part I don't get. You choose to commute (as I do), you live with the annoyance of having to drive to work.

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Mom of missing tot says she took lie detector test

the ramseys were cleared. awful to live for so long with people thinking you killed your own child.

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Kansas Humane Society begins charging its volunteers

These people should go volunteer at operation wildlife in Linwood (right outside of town). That place does not have too many volunteers by a long shot.

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Local dogs take a dip

There was an article about it a few days ago. The city wanted to save money, and attendance drops sharply when school starts so it made sense. The indoor pool is open if you want to go swim.

I won't complain about the city saving money where it can, even if it is a little bit of a bummer.

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