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Brownback sets weight-loss challenge; not a fan of new school lunch standards

I am NO fan of Brownback but this is basically no different than insurance companies offering incentives to quit smoking. It is effective, and ultimately a net benefit for everyone, as the more healthy behaviors that we all engage in, the less the insurance premiums will cost. Preventative health care measures are a cost-cutting measure that provide incentives to improve your life. These things work. Imagine - something the right and left can agree on.

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Brownback sets weight-loss challenge; not a fan of new school lunch standards

Um, state employees who are healthier actually SAVE YOU money, because their health insurance costs (which are taxpayer funded) go down. All state employees are eligible for this.

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Details on proposed city/KU sports complex emerging; deal likely won't involve standard bidding process

Why is the city involved in this? Why is it all the way out there?

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Vehicle rolls over man in street, causing critical injuries

Not bad lighting. I live at that intersection. There's actually a streetlight at that corner.

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City looks at options for new rec center property

Why not use the Farmland site for this stupid thing?

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97 KU employees to take buyouts, retire by end of 2012

Can I have your $5M peanuts?

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Moving On after Mom

Wow. This is very sad. Thanks Aaron and Nick, for sharing.

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KU tuition and fees going up; admission standards getting more stringent

The costs are going up because the state continually gives less money to the University - that combined with rising costs of providing healthcare = higher tuition. It is really unpleasant for students, but KU is still very competitively priced when compared to other state schools. Just check out CU-Boulder tuition rates if you'd like some nice sticker shock.

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Town Talk: City to consider allowing law enforcement to install video surveillance downtown; the British are coming, the British are coming to downtown on Saturday

You can't really "spy" on someone in public. If you do it on Mass St, that's about as public as she gets.

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Sound Off: I’ve read some recent articles about long wait times at county treasurer offices because

Website didn't work for me. Got an error message saying that my plate # didn't match my vehicle year, despite that all the information was on the paper they mail you. Decided just to mail in a check and my new plate was at my house within a week. Was not expecting a new plate, just tags, but whatever. Just happy to not have to go wade through that mess.

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