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Eldridge plans to expand hotel

I guess it's a rule in downtown Lawrence that all new construction has to look exactly the same.

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City receives just one proposal to redevelop dilapidated East Lawrence property; rumblings of Buffalo Wild Wings, barbecue and a downtown diner

The city may have paid too much money for the home. But one could argue that it's in the city's interest to protect historic properties and find suitable developers that will continue to protect them.

The tax abatement in the short term may be a loss, but over time (especially if the developer does put almost $1M into the renovation), it could pay for itself.

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Nearly 200 cited or arrested by special police detail working college party crowds

Dude, maybe I am getting old, but if you're walking into traffic, fighting, peeing on the streets or walking around with an open container (which they do ignore after big KU games, not enforceable with those numbers), then ticket away.

That said, if you're old enough to be in the bars, you're probably not new to town, so I'm not sure about that as an argument for starting this now.

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Democrats criticize Brownback over public stance for higher education while approving cuts

Bernadette Gray-Little's raise came mostly from the KU endowment. Endowment funds are not state funds.

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Brownback names new Regents, vows to fight for restored higher education funding

It's all well and good to wish for restored funding but you can't take money out of a bank THAT HAS NO MONEY.

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State Board of Education member defends N-word comments

Weirdest and most inappropriate non sequitur ever?

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Lawrence ranked second-worst-performing small metro area, according to new national economic index

Look at all of these economic experts! I bet almost none of which have been to one City Council meeting in his or her life.

This is complicated stuff. For all this kvetching I would think maybe not re-electing the same folks year after year would be one place to start.

Lawrence is a much larger place than it was when I moved here in 2000, with greater amenities than when I moved here. It is very true that there are not enough jobs to keep people from moving... but when you have an influx of 5,000 students every year, many of whom would like to stay after graduation, it's kind of a losing equation.

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Brownback sets weight-loss challenge; not a fan of new school lunch standards

I am NO fan of Brownback but this is basically no different than insurance companies offering incentives to quit smoking. It is effective, and ultimately a net benefit for everyone, as the more healthy behaviors that we all engage in, the less the insurance premiums will cost. Preventative health care measures are a cost-cutting measure that provide incentives to improve your life. These things work. Imagine - something the right and left can agree on.

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