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KU's Spencer Museum remains closed after water leak; thousands of books damaged in art library

I hope the books can be salvaged and they will consider either moving the library to a higher floor, or probably more feasibly, floodproofing it.

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I had problems cancelling like everyone else. I sent my certified letter to ABC Financial and 3 months later my card was still being charged. ABC Financial does not know what "customer service" means and I couldn't get a call back from Body Boutique mangers so I had to dispute the charges through my credit card company. Ridiculous! Plus the gym isn't all that great. It's really small and was always crowded when I went there. The problem is really the size of the place, though, and not the number of members. The cardio machines are crammed close together in an upstairs area and the weight machines are crammed in the little area next to the class area. When there were people waiting for the next class to start, they'd be standing around in the weights area getting in the way. Not really their fault, though, because there is literally nowhere else for them to go. Every time I'd see one of their ads on TV I'd be like NOOO!!!! No more people!! Plus, the classes are right out in the open with incredibly loud music and the instructors yelling all kinds of annoying things. WOOO!! OH YEAH!!! Could hear them over my iPod even at the loudest volume I could stand. The classes I wanted to take were always too late in the morning (after I had to be at work) or too early in the evening (before I got off work). Not 8-5 working woman friendly at all. Lawrence desperately needs a good gym! I'm tempted to go back to school at KU so I can use theirs.

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Lab tests confirm that cause of unpleasant odor and taste of Lawrence's drinking water is elevated level of algae byproduct

It might not be harmful but it's frigging disgusting. If the city won't improve the quality of our water, they should at least reimburse me for my Brita filters.

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Controversy swirls around artist's plans for project detailing the life — and death — of chickens

Billions? Can you back that up? As far as I can find, world-wide vegetarianism is estimated around 6% which would come out to millions, yes. Billions? No.

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Controversy swirls around artist's plans for project detailing the life — and death — of chickens

Interesting that 715 is backing out. If you look at their Facebook page, they like to post pictures of severed pig heads, lamb testicles for "fries", etc. This project seems like it would be right up their alley.

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Speaker O'Neal apologizes for forwarding email that calls Michelle Obama "Mrs. YoMama"

It's uncomfortable when the racist, sexist attitudes of the good ole boys come out, when everyone tries so hard to deny they exist. No excuse, but not shocking either.

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If one of your Facebook friends posted a comment that indicated they were at risk of suicide what would you do?

People who would post that kind of thing to Facebook are attention-seeking dramamongers.

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SRS Secretary Siedlecki steps down, returning to Florida

Good riddance! Too bad he couldn't take Brownjoke with him.

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2 men injured in one-car accident just outside Lawrence's east city limits

I don't know how that road is particularly dangerous, except to your car's suspension.

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