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Candidate Leslie Soden hopes to generate more community input as part of City Hall process

Leslie is an incredible young woman who is intelligent, thoughtful and, most importantly, ethical. She will never compromise her integrity and Lawrence needs that in all its leadership. Although I no longer live in Lawrence, I can say without a doubt that Leslie deserves to be elected. I would be voting for her if I could!!

Leslie, you'll remember me from LJKC as the lady with keeshonden.

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After housing, what's your highest monthly bill?

Medical: insurance, medicine, copays, etc.

November 30, 2011 at 7:56 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Kansas gets more "Obamacare" funds despite Brownback's opposition to the law

Spot on, Nugget. Shame on LJW but we know they won't change anything.

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One person dies after being struck by a piece of metal that fell from an oncoming vehicle on the SLT in Lawrence

Umm, LJW doesn't publish the name of the victim but does post the picture of the vehicle hit? Not a good idea.

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Resources for helping victims of Joplin, Reading tornadoes, first-person video of the Joplin storm and the weekend's top stories on

Is there somewhere in Lawrence that someone with O- blood can go to donate for Joplin area needs?

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Lawrence residents drop off hundreds of items at electronics recycling event at Free State High School

I missed this too. For the same reason as overthemoon. It is too hard to find out what's going on and make plans. Can LJW please provide info on how we can still get rid of stuff? At least phone #'s and/or contact emails.

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Misplaced effort

Not sure how you're interpreting that from my comments but I'm totally for everything that PP stands for, including abortion counseling. I am pro-choice. My point was supposed to be that women get all the blame for pregnancy when it takes two. I'm sorry if my post came across wrong.

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Misplaced effort

Women do not get pregnant by themselves. Pregnancy begins at erection!! If a man had to get a vacsectomy every time he impregnated a women against her will then there would not be the problem of unwanted pregnancies!!

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Do pets pose threat to safe driving?

Restraining your dog while travelling is for your dog's safety as well as your own and other drivers. My dogs are always crated when in the car. Having to slam on brakes or swerve can cause the crate to move but imagine how the dog can be hurt if it is hurled around inside the vehicle. Securely your dog safely is no different than securing a child safely.

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Lawrence school board seeks new names for middle schools

Aren't the names going to have to change anyhow - From junior high to middle school? So I think choosing new names is appropriate, especially since the current geographical names aren't accurate anymore.

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