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Sound Off: School security

well stated!

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Letter: That’s enough

Wow, the dogs keep fighting while the cat drags away the dinner! Hey people, focus on the real matter. " Gun Control for persons who should not have access to them" Now let's spend our time and money on those who need mental help instead.

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Letter: That’s enough

could not have said it better myself, great job Fred!

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Letter: No response

Lynn731 nailed it on the head with opening statement!

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Movie choice

Like the remake of the classic "Psycho"?

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U.S. must talk, listen about guns

Hey,,,when did they legalize "fully automatic" weapons? And what about Zombies?

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KU professor studies how media cover mothers who kill kids

Wait,,,,,what was the topic? Journalism or why mothers kill their children.

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Living with Mental Illness: Sean Amon

Way to go Sean

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I have been to many Toyota dealerships in KS and MO but Miles Schnaer's Crown Toyota dealership in Lawrence, KS is by far the BEST! My entire family owns vehicles all from this dealership. I personally like Sean Kalist who has made my purchases fun and exciting. He does not attempt to sell you a vehicle that you would not be happy with. He is very knowledgeable about the vehicles he sells. He does not pressure you in any way. He makes the experience of buying a new car Fun (not stressful!) I have also heard other good comments about the rest of the staff. Tim Murphy in the parts department goes out of his way to help customers with all their needs. Randy in the finance department will do his best to see you get the best deal on any vehicle. Ed in the service department runs the cleanest shop in the country. After years of routine maintenance, our vehicles are always professionally maintained without dirt or grease smudges on the vehicles. These guys are very courteous and professional. My wife has never had to miss work due to a scheduled maintenance on her 2009 Corolla(and they even pick her up after work)! My family and friends will continue to buy our vehicles from Miles Schnaer's Crown Toyota. Keep up the fantastic work guys! 5 Stars for this dealership!!! Frank Regnier

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Kansas can count on Tyrel Reed

Would it really kill the network to air the championship game locally? Is profits and greed always going to be the driving force for mens college basketball and corporate America? I think it is a shame that the local Jayhawk fans who cannot afford to pay premium service to the cable and dish companies will not be able to view the game. With the Sprint Center charging hundreds of dollars per ticket and selling out, I don't feel it is going to affect ticket sales to have it aired on regular TV. The more that are able to watch the game, the more will get involved with mens basketball. Greed will only keep ticket costs going up and limit more games on regular TV. Hats off the ch 38 for airing some of the games! Good luck and Rock Chalk Jayhawks!

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