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Lawrence lands major basketball tourney, but questions raised over how to use Rock Chalk Park rec center

It's all about basketball, money, and politics as usual! Oh, and let's keep the seniors and their noisy pickleball players outside!

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Fire forces family from Baldwin City home

Randall, your comment is false and "substandard to the truth".

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Opinion: Entitlement mentality doomed Detroit

Exactly correct! GM was playing checkers while Toyota was playing chess!

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Letter: Wasted effort

Our government is bought and paid for! Simple as that! If you have enough money, you make laws that work for you and your buddies.

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Opinion: U.S. neglecting schools, colleges

I believe education is very important to the current problems our nation is now suffering from. I also believe that the majority of Americans are being "misled" through our nation's media. As many are aware that the media is "bought and paid for" by corporate America. Most Americans are disgusted with the politicians who "promise" to protect education and the environment. Seriously, why? I feel many are just disgusted with our nations leaders and those who "swear" to do better. They get elected and find out they cannot or will not change the system because it is "Broken". Just ask ten people on the street, " what do they know about the politicians who they vote for or endorse". See how much they really know about the people who they vote for. I agree with the article but something has to change in our "system". How is it that former politicians become CEO's? or former CEO's become politicians? Our system is broken and until that is fixed or improved, education and environment will continue to suffer!

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Ramen bar set to open in downtown Lawrence

Lived on Oahu back in 1962 thru 1968 and I can honestly say that there is a big difference in "Cup of Soup" and what the Graces are trying to describe. My parents would take us to this little restaurant in town every weekend. It was nothing fancy but Ramen was the main attraction. My siblings and I would be served a bowl of these noodles. Fifty years later, I can still remember the soup! It had thin slices of chinese flavored red pork, green onions, sliced boiled eggs and shrimp in it. My brother and sister also still remember how good it was. After moving from the islands, we could no longer find it anywhere. Not at least with the same flavor and texture. I am excited to give the Graces place a try! Also, Kirin or Asahi Beer! Awesome! I hope the Graces have better luck in that location than the others who tried to make it there. Either rent is way too high, poor types or restaurants, or just a bad luck location. It seems like others just haven't had much luck there. I do hope the Graces have better luck because this is an awesome idea!

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Letter: Repeal postal act

Well state your facts then! I guess first class mail volume has not gone down over the last decade either? I guess fuel has not gone up either? Also, explain to the public just how profitable it is to have carriers working mandatory overtime and working their days off is profitable and healthy for the employees. I don't think the public is this naive! Only reason,,,,really? Give us a break!

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