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Letter: Traffic expertise

Maybe more people would ride their bikes in Lawrence, if Lawrence had more bike paths?

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Letter: ALEC agenda

At least Richard Heckler posts "facts" instead of fiction and name calling. Thanks Mr. Heckler for posting material that we can research for ourselves and learn what you have posted. Keep up the good fight! I may or may not agree with all of your posts but at least you give the readers a opportunity to decide for themselves.

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Kansas agency bans employees from electronic recording

The "no exception rule" is to protect the guilty! If an employee can produce an electronic recording of a wrongdoing or harassment situation then it should be permissible! If not, sure then proceed with disciplinary action.

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Kansans bracing for battle over EPA's Clean Power Plan

We owe it to our grand children to fight for a cleaner planet!

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Opinion: So, Donald Trump is number one?

Our political system remains broken and corrupted by greed. Most of candidates start off believing they can make a real difference and fix our nation's problems. After elected, they find out who really "runs the show" (Big Businesses). Even when solutions are available, both parties can never agree or compromise for the good of our country. On that note, I feel Bernie will make a much better "puppet" than Donald!

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Police: Lawrence 10-year-old 'doing fine' after father accidentally shot him Friday

My heart goes out to the little boy and his dad. This incident should be a reminder to others the responsibility that goes with owning a firearm, not passing judgement on their obvious mistakes. I am also glad to hear the little boy will be okay.

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Lawrence lands major basketball tourney, but questions raised over how to use Rock Chalk Park rec center

......... and East Lawrence gets the new prison and homeless shelter and West Lawrence gets the new Sports Pavilion........and the saga continues..........

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Lawrence lands major basketball tourney, but questions raised over how to use Rock Chalk Park rec center

It's all about basketball, money, and politics as usual! Oh, and let's keep the seniors and their noisy pickleball players outside!

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