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Letter: USPS response

Yeah Wilbur, those complaints from the public will be addressed just like the carriers complaints. Goes right into the trash!

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Letter: USPS response

USPS Management has made bad decsions in the past and probably will continue to make bad decisions in the future. They are like the boy who cried "Wolf, Wolf, Wolf" But now they are in serious financial trouble and the 5 day delivery is a possible solution to saving the USPS. The NALC "fat cats" are no better than the USPS "fat cats" who continue to fight over this debate. Meanwhile, the dog (UPS) is stealing the bacon! The 5 day delivery will only work if both parties will work together. Times have changed and mail volume is not what it used to be and it is doubtful that it will ever return. Gail Hendrix has mentioned what will be included with a 5 day delivery which Andy Tuttle failed to mention in his article. I am sure Gail and Andy are telling the public only what they want to convince the public to be on their side. As for the prefunding retirement complaints from both parties, which is really another serious matter. It seems that when hard times hit, the first place to look for financial solutions is taking from the retirement system. Sure, the USPS retirement fund is paid for future employees but lowering or stopping payments to this system will only threaten the retirement for the active carriers on today's rolls! How does this solve the problem of lower mail volume? It is like patching up drywall on a termite infested house! I hope the NALC and USPS will come together to work on this problem soon or everyone loses.

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Letter: Postal plan

George_Braziller, why do you think there is nine vacant routes? How do you figure it will be worse if Saturday delivery was eliminated? If you are late paying your bills, then why do you plan paying earlier or do so online as others have recommended. If the USPS continues to lose money then you won't have to worry about it because they will be no USPS! Then you will have to depend on UPS and FEDEX for your deliveries and you will be forced to do business online. Just my opinion, disagree all you want but it is a fact that the USPS is losing money and fast!

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Letter: Postal plan

I would not miss receiving junk mail on Saturday. I would love to see letter carriers off on Saturday so they can be with their families. I know many carriers who feel the same but are afraid to voice their opinions because the NALC does not agree with the PG Donohoe's decision. Parcels would still be delivered and mail could be distributed more evenly through out the week. It would help the USPS from staying in the red. How much money can the USPS continue to lose before they take action. Also, stop making cuts at the lower employee levels and start cutting the "fat" at the other end. If the USPS and the NALC are going to survive they will have to come to an agreement quickly. While this disagreement continues between the two parties, it is the "working employees" who continue to suffer. If you want to see what PG Donohoe earns click on this webpage>

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City of Lawrence to consider rate increases for water and sewer bills

bend over for that water enema!

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Letter: Call to action

Population control = Climate control

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Sound Off: School security

well stated!

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Letter: That’s enough

Wow, the dogs keep fighting while the cat drags away the dinner! Hey people, focus on the real matter. " Gun Control for persons who should not have access to them" Now let's spend our time and money on those who need mental help instead.

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Letter: That’s enough

could not have said it better myself, great job Fred!

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Letter: No response

Lynn731 nailed it on the head with opening statement!

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