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Walker trials underscore complexity of felony murder concept

You obviously do not know Sarah Swain. She absolutely loves talking to the media. Just look at how many times she has been mentioned in the LJW compared to other defense attorney's? Other defense attorney's go out and do their job and don't ever speak to the media. Not Sarah Swain. She absolutely loves getting on camera and promoting herself.

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KU town hall forum on race draws about 1,000 to Kansas Union

3) Asking KU to fix a problem that isn't really KU's problem

"Speakers also criticized KU’s minority retention rates"

Let me get this straight... KU enrolls close to 30,000 students. KU has a retention rate of these 30,000 students. Some people make it, some people don't. I find it hard to believe that "minorities" are not making it for any reason that is different than a "non-minority". Maybe it's time for that "minority" group to make changes within themselves for their own success rather than expecting KU to do it for them. I never blamed anyone for my failures in a course, and I certainly did not think it was the university's problem.

4) One problem's solution compounding another problem... No way to please everyone.

"Another student suggested increasing diversity of faculty and staff, “and not just in positions that pertain to their culture or race.”

Ok, so KU should hire someone less-qualified because they represent a minority over someone more-qualified? It's already been mentioned in these comments, but maybe there just aren't as many {insert race/religion/ethnicity} individuals with a PhD to teach {insert course name}. Is this KU's fault? Not really.

Hiring x number of {insert race/religion/ethnicity} individuals to meet a goal of some ratio, will upset the other portion of the interested candidates, and encourage them to not apply at KU. In term, causing a much different problem to fix another.

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KU town hall forum on race draws about 1,000 to Kansas Union

Ok, it's not new to any of that racism exists, even in today's society. But a few things strike me from this discussion.

1) A complete denial of systematic racism, and wanting to focus on one race over another. In my opinion... a form of reverse racism (e.g. combating racism against one race and ignoring the problems that face other races).

Case in point:

"One of the first to take the mic was a black female student who criticized Gray-Little for using “diversity rhetoric.”

“Why can we not just call it anti-black racism?” she said."

If we are to have an honest discussion of these issues, we cannot start by ignoring the whole problem. If we focus on one part of the tumor and ignore the rest, the rest will compound and take over. There is racism for not only African Americans, but also Hispanic-Americans (hint hint... laws being passed in AZ to stop and detain someone for being Hispanic to verify their citizenship), Muslim Americans (judgement of their moral character due to their religion, or even look at the grief Pres. Obama has faced during his term and allegations of being a Muslim and how he is not fit to be President because of it).. the list goes on.

2) Impossible solutions to the problem -- everyone wants something different, and the two different things cannot happen at the same time

"Another black female student and track athlete said that she’d been in classes where she was the only black student and had instructors single her out and ask her her opinion on things as though she represented all black people.

“Faculty, please stop doing this,” she said. “Don’t stereotype student-athletes.”

Okay... what? I thought going to a University was a place to have honest, open discussions? So, let me see if I understand this. You do not want the Professor to ask about something related to race? So we are not to talk about race at all despite the long standing history of race causing issues in society? I feel that if it's a class on anything related to race relations or other appropriate topic, then why not?

One student wants ZERO discussion about her race, and the other students want a discussion and many solutions to happen overnight? Impossible, no?

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Blue Ribbon Campaign supports area law enforcement; two flee police, are Tased and arrested; one cited for indecent exposure in vehicle

Repeat offenders that always have warrants. They go warrant free for a few weeks... until their next court date, which of course is missed.

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City Commission approves tax break for Eldridge Hotel expansion

Matt Goff, a lawyer with Barber Emerson law firm who was representing the Eldridge, told commissioners, “I don’t know that it’s your role to enforce this private debate.”

Herbert referenced the industrial revenue bonds and tax abatement, replying, “If you don’t want the government in your business, don’t ask the public for taxpayer subsidies.”'

I completely agree with Herbert!!

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Police stop two groups of men carrying unconscious women to fraternity homes; call ambulances for alcohol poisoning

your stats are off. can't find the article, but it was already cited as an older method of crime tracking. the cases were not getting updated once they were cleared. there's no way it's 18%.

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Police stop two groups of men carrying unconscious women to fraternity homes; call ambulances for alcohol poisoning

Actually, this boy was making a complaint on the bar. I saw the whole thing. The Officers were trying to explain to him they could not get his ID back from the bar because the bar claimed to not have the id. whether the bar had the id or not, i don't know. i saw an officer talking to a female (i assume u) after dealing with that male, and u walked away from him when he tried to help.

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Two argue over parking, gun pulled; officers injured in struggle with naked man; man with open beer high-fives officer, is arrested; suspect forgets to park car for sobriety test

Did the number for injury car accidents get switched with non-injury accidents? I would hope there were not 26 injury accidents vs. 3 noninjury ones...

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Meet C.B. and Kai, Lawrence police department's first-ever Patrol Service Dogs

Could be used for that, but marijuana is so rancid smelling, don't even need a dog to probably get a "dime bag" from a stop.

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Lawrence Mayor Jeremy Farmer submits resignation to city

Don't see how you figure.

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