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Lawrence man shot by police arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault; district attorney concludes shooting was justified

Considering one news agency reported 4 shots in the groin area, and this is now saying 2 shots one in each leg, maybe there is some inaccuracies in 1) the number of shots 2) the location of impact? Food for thought on what you read/accept.

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Despite ban, Lawrence police respond to fireworks calls over holiday

I still don't quite understand how writing citations can solve anything. Just clogs up the court system (a court appearance for fireworks?), honestly. Just because LPD only issued 4 citations last year, it does not mean they 'ignored' the situation (perhaps they seized fireworks in lieu of writing a citation? Or perhaps, they told someone if they came back to that area, they'd be issuing citations?). I'm sure LPD doesn't write every single traffic violation that occurs in front of them.. However, they still 'enforce' the law (hint: warnings).

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Despite ban, Lawrence police respond to fireworks calls over holiday

The police are worthless???? Again, who created this law? The police? The police are doing their job much the same as anyone else that has a job.

"Ruining" someone's fun/freedom.. Well sounds like you need to address those responsible (hint, it's not the police) for the law.

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Lawrence police chief urges residents to take fireworks ban more seriously

See the way this very article is written... That's why.. Because people accuse the Police Department of "not doing their job." If I were in that position, I'd write all 200 complaints when put up against a wall and plastered in the newspaper for "not doing my job". Then see how many complaints there are for enforcing the law........ a double standard.

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Lawrence police chief urges residents to take fireworks ban more seriously

As if Chief was the one banning the fireworks (remember, it's a law made by the city commission for the Police to enforce, not a law made by the police)..... The Chief is the one under pressure to "enforce" the law... Just so he can come under scrutiny for enforcing the law -- while ignoring drunk drivers, fights, etc. Oh well, I guess.

I am personally FOR fireworks, but at the same token, I feel it very unfair to blame this one the wrong person.

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City commission to study possibility of November election for police headquarters project

Yes policing does occur on the streets. But a police department as large as Lawrence's cannot grow any further when constrained to a tiny space within the Judicial Building. Go take a tour of the facility(s)..

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Morgan to take on Kansas Secretary of State Kobach

"Morgan said Kobach wasn't serving the office or Kansas residents by pursuing his agenda"

EXACTLY!!! He hasn't done anything for Kansas, other than work on voter stuff (a moot issue in my opinion)

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KU parking rates to increase, some by as much as 40 percent

Well, wouldn't need to raise parking prices if you did not have Parking and Transit people driving around in those trucks burning lots of fuel and milking the clock (only to have the tickets 'forgiven' or overturned in the appeal process). Additionally, have you ever been to campus when classes aren't in session (i.e. university breaks, and summer vacation, etc)? Campus is dead except for the few that stay and take summer classes.. Where is Parking and Transit? Still driving around "monitoring" the fairly empty lots.

In my humble opinion, the parking problem can be handled by KU Public Safety (who patrol lots as part of their shift anyway). Doesn't take long to drive through a lot and see the cars without the respective pass, type the tag into an electronic machine and print a ticket.

Each year, they just find another 'excuse' to raise parking prices...

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Police identify victim killed in shooting at Mother's Day cookout

I'm sure the charge was the charge that needed to be added to and it'll be up to the Defense Attorney (not the police) to determine if the use of deadly force was "unreasonable" or not. It's not necessarily that is what he'll be charged with, if anything.

The Police have that he 'knowingly' killed (or used force with the expectation that death could have occurred) another human being, and they have it was quite possibly a heat of passion situation.

The courts/DA's office will decide if this is a matter of voluntary manslaughter or legal self-defense. Don't jump to conclusions.

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Community tries to recruit more primary care providers

Most likely a Fox fact.

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