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First Bell: Enter naming game for junior highs; superintendent encourages backpack searches; 2012 graduation may move to weeknight(s); students ready for Future City regionals

I agree with SUV..
With cutbacks to school funding, larger class room sizes, etc., how is it that the board can justify spending money on new signage, and all the other expenses that go into changing names, including the labor expense of the time just looking into changing the names. I know of kids at Free State in classrooms without desks, sitting in chairs at the back of the room because the room is not big enough to accomodate 2 more desks and the class size is too large. But we can spend money putting up a new sign, and ordering all new stationary, etc? Let's get some business sense!

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Senior season something else for former KU walk-on, but don't call him "Rudy"

Makes me proud to be a Jayhawk to have read this about Alex. The old cliche, "when the going gets tough, the tough gets going" doesn't do justice for a guy that gives it his all day in and day out. Congratulations Alex, the team recognition was great, but now the Jayhawk public is aware and proud of your contributions!!

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National group writes up Lawrence as one of two speed-trap cities in Kansas

I agree one just shouldn't speed. But I think the point is priorities. Hmm... 10 miles over the speed limit when no one else is on the road is more dangerouse than being robbed. And not having time to watch 4 hours of survellance tape on the only exit to an apartment complex that has multiple car thefts, but across the street we have two squad cars running radar. It's more about making money for the force.

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National group writes up Lawrence as one of two speed-trap cities in Kansas

Must be a Very good revenue source. I go to work each day at 4:30 AM and see usually 2 if not up to 4 speed traps in the ride across town. Most mornings I see more speed traps than other vehicles! I challenge anyone to travel Mass, Kentucky, Tennesee, 23rd St and 6th street and not see at least one radar runner.

But if you get robbed, or your car stolen, they don't have time to watch survellance video tape. I know that first hand.

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Transfer could bring spark to KU basketball

Seems to me he gets an honorary degree for financial planning for his future. Better than 99% of the real grads in their first year out.

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Fracas sends KU guard Tyshawn Taylor to hospital

I can't believe no one has come up with the reason!!

I can see it now, football jock comments, "At least we can beat Duke!"

That's all it'd take!

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In the world of online comments, there are plenty of opinions, but few names

Congratulations on taking ownership of your views and the words you type for others to read.

I think the article missed one of the main reasons others need anonymity. The word coward comes to mind.

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More than 2,750 turn out for community workout

I agree! And I'm willing to help support it. We had many of our running community there in support, some from the KC area. We should make it an annual thing in celebration of the history of Red Dog workouts, and life in our community.

Like the downtown sale always being the third Monday in July, we should choose a date, like the Wednesday after the 4th of July each year to set an annual time we can plan with.

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More than 2,750 turn out for community workout

Great job and congrats to the Red Dog community!

I have been in China parks where over 10,000 have joined in together for Tai Chi workouts. It would have been great if our community could have had that many!

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Deciphera backs out of East Hills expansion

So, now the tax payers of Lawrence will really be paying for that empty building.

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