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Seabury boys lose ‘dogfight’ in Georgi Funtarov’s Seahawks debut

I have seen all these players through the past two years and this summer, and Khadre is clearly the most talented and has the most potential to be the best player to come out of Lawrence possibly since the seperation of Lawrence High. Georgi is multi talented and his skills for a taller player exceed that of any post in the city. However, I would still rate Buffalomeat as the 2nd best in the city, followed closely by Georgi. As a team Seabury doesn't have the guns to play with LHS, but may be able to get by FSHS.
In regards to the comment that Khadre is going to a school where he doesn't have to face competition, it's actually the opposite, his father is a well know lawyer, and education has ALWAYS been the forefront in their household, which I applaud them for.

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What living person would you put on a postage stamp?

i think maybe Stevie Wonder, because he is a great example of America, or Bill Gates or his wife, for all the philanthropy work they do, and of course the technology advancements.

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'Beyond the Phog' excerpt: J.R. Giddens on leaving KU

Completely agree with grlzdad. As most people grow older, they learn to take accountability for their actions. JR did not, and continues not to take accountability. I think Coach Self made the best decision for KU and for JR.
I'm sure coach Self wanted JR to realize you can't just do whatever you want and not have any repurcussions, he was part of something bigger than himself and he didn't recognize that and still to this day continues not to recognize that.
At New Mexico he was kicked off the team for several different internal team issues, "not being a good teammate" per Steve Alford, and in his overseas stints, they have been cut short b/c of his childish attitutde towards coaches and other players.
This is one reason you have to respect Coach Self, Giddens was All American talent, but was not benefical to the team or the university. I don't think HCBS ever lost any sleep over this choice.

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California prep Chol to attend Late Night

Selby can't attend classes for two reasons. The first is, if he has taken payment from a handler or someone acting on behalf of a university, in the eyes of the NCAA, he has lost his amateur status and will have to pay his own way through college. Second, KU can provide a scholarship, but until the NCAA clears him, he is not eligible to be a college student. If the NCAA finds issues with his amateur status, it would negate any scholarship KU could offer.
The handler has hurt Selby's status as a college player, and could hurt the univeristy of Tennesse program (whom he originally committed too) and Kentucky, and the "handler" will not see any repurcusions.

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