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Should university professors be able to say anything they want on social media?

Anyone can say what they want on social media. And their employer should have the right to fire them.

As for the notion that the NRA supports policies that allow the killings like what happened in Washington to happen - an opinion couldn't be more backwards from the truth. The killings happened because THE GOOD GUYS AREN'T ALLOWED TO HAVE WEAPONS. How preposterous that our soldiers cannot carry loaded weapons on base. What happened at the Washington Naval Yard and Ft. Hood are mini-versions of what will happen to the entire country when the good guys have been disarmed. Look at Chicago. A killing field unparalleled in American history. Thirteen people shot in a park. I could be silly and say the media ignored that incident because they're racist and don't care about blacks killing blacks. But we know that the fact is it doesn't fit the template. When you take guns from the good guys we'll have peace, right? Right? Right? Oh wait, no, then only the bad guys have guns.

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Olathe man arrested, charged with threatening motorists with handgun on K-10

When someone threatens your life, the answer to "were you shooting to injure or shooting to kill?" is "neither, I was shooting to stop him."

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Police officer injured while arresting burglary suspect at T-Mobile store

Three injured officers this week and the police are still using pepper spray and tasers? Not if I were police chief. They need to be able to actually protect themselves and the community, not play games.

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After efforts by student activists and bookstore leaders, living-wage factory now producing KU clothing

Foreign companies in the Dominican Republic are required to pay profit sharing to their employees. In addition, all companies there are required to pay an extra months' wages in December as a bonus. This is all in addition to the hourly wage.

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Letter: That’s enough

Dr. Bruner, you are a glittering jewel of colossal ignorance.

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From Hope to Audacity: The Evolution of President Barack Obama's Rhetoric and the 2012 Election -- 10/24/12 at Woodruff Auditorium, Kansas Union

6% unemployment when O took office. Estimated truthfully at 23% today. Wow, thanks for delivering us from devastation and making things more fair!

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Names of driver and cyclist in Tuesday accident released

Sometimes we just have to swerve over the center line? Bozo, you're out of your mind!

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Who do you think won last night's presidential debate?

Crowley said on CNN after the debate that Romney was right about that.

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Group criticizes Lawrence school district over open records request

"Oh, the school district should be able to do whatever it wants and the taxpayers have no right to question how their money is spent and the school district shouldn't have to comply with court orders and the schools just love my children, blahblahblahblah."

Brilliant left-wing thinking.

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