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Lawrence school board to consider contract to replace 8 synthetic athletic fields

If I do the math, that is a little more than $500K/year to keep the districts fields synthetic turf up to date. $63K per year per field. With 12000 students, that works out to $42 per student per year.

As much as that seems, it is only .3% of the district budget (thanks to the info I found at links below).


And general info on this page:

I may not like the way the district spends money, but I appreciate the fact that I have a much better view into how it is spent.

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Letter to the editor: Whom do we trust?

So what do you base these statements on? Why should I believe them?

Below is a site that rates the truthfulness reporting of the main news channels (including FOX).

Why do I tend to believe them? They don't show anybody as being perfect. So if they're biased, it is not obvious. Just because you don't like what they say doesn't mean it isn't true. Some people want the truth, even when the truth is not what we want it to be.

Compare the news channels and their record. If you just reject everything you don't like, the truth isn't what you're interested in.

Find another place that reports on the accuracy of the media. Tell me why you believe them. Otherwise what you're saying is just gibberish.

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Letter to the editor: Whom do we trust?

Can you define "elucidate" for us? I don't think it means what you think it means.

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Empty storefronts become a bit more prominent in Lawrence, new report shows; vacancy rate hits recent high

You are making the assumption that the owners and banks are rational actors. In the long run, they have to be. in the short run, they are frequently not.

For example, when the housing bubble burst, banks were slow to approve deals to sell properties they had foreclosed on. These properties often became damaged and their value reduced because they were very slow to act.

So, I would say that there is historical precedent for what Dorothy has to say.

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Lawrence Memorial Hospital's proposed west Lawrence project grows to $93M; work could begin this spring

I don't know if this is a good idea or a bad idea. Nor do I know it it is really needed or not. I am confident, however, that it will do nothing to lower the ever increasing cost of healthcare.

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Longtime 23rd Street restaurant to close to make room for new wireless phone store

People still get their phones in stores? Don't they realize you buy your next phone using your current one!

Seriously, whether it is good or not, retail is in a rapid downward spiral. Opening a new store does not make much sense when there are so many options online and in existing stores.

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KU football stadium to be renamed after donor David Booth

Just think. $50M would fund five hundred $100K scholarships.

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KU football stadium to be renamed after donor David Booth

Sports are what is important: at KU, in Lawrence, throughout the country.

There is a "Sports" section in this newspaper, and surely almost every paper in the country. If there are "Education" and "STEM" sections in any papers, they are undoubtedly rare.

This action just shows what's important. Donations to other departments at KU rarely make the front page of the paper. Is that because they're rare or because they're not important? Or both?

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Opinion: Trump is turning and turning in widening gyre

George Will a liberal? As Larry the Cable Guy would say, "I don't care who you are, THAT's funny right there!"

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Already five years past due, state likely to miss deadline again for upgrade of driver's license system

Most software projects fail. I suspect that those run by or funded by the government are worst of all.

Of course, it depends on how you define failure. This, by any reasonable measure would be considered a failure.

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