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Lawrence Memorial Hospital to get a new name; hospital has revenues exceed expenses by $18 million in 2017

While we're at it "Jayhawks" has GOT to go! No SJW can let such a name stand considering the history of the Jayhawkers.

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Lawrence Memorial Hospital to get a new name; hospital has revenues exceed expenses by $18 million in 2017

We are always so ready to throw out the past. This does not make anything better, it just breaks with the past. As we have seen, the future is, in many ways, not getting brighter.

Here, a lot of tradition is tossed out on a whim. A clear example of "Symbolism over substance"

Here, again, a few make a decision that should be made by the many. I wonder if this would have a chance of passing it was put to a vote?

My guess, two chances: slim and none.

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Study calling for $2B in K-12 spending found valid by independent reviewer


I was initially in favor of this. I fear that any additional money will not go to teachers which is the ONE MOST IMPORTANT deficits we have. It will most likely go to things which look and sound impressive and make our schools the status symbol the progressive elite strives for.

All the tech and all the new facilities won't replace having motivated, professional people involved with students.

Money doesn't fix problems, good decisions do. West Virginia has problems, Oklahoma has problems. We are lucky enough to be up the scale from them and should strive to improve.

We always look for simple solutions and view spending more money as THE solution. Maybe it is a part, but there is no plan. I've seen the school district waste millions on IPads and other tech toys without considering what they really should be aiming for.

Times have changed. I could take a few thousand dollars, equip a lab to allow high school students (perhaps even middle school and younger) to explore robotics, UAVs, engineering, and countless other STEM related ideas. You can see the possibilities just by watching what people are doing on Youtube. Educational, sophisticated, fascinating things.

People are learning sophisticated things on Youtube. Can't our schools even match that?

My views on this issue have completely turned around. Our leaders and administrators are clueless, which is something more and more of us not only recognize, but are beginning to say out loud. We are limited by the lack of knowledge and imagination exhibited by those running things.

Our parent's generation, and probably ours, too, had it's problems, racism, intolerance, but they also had drive and imagination fueled by adversity.

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Study calling for $2B in K-12 spending found valid by independent reviewer

Why do I not see figures on what Kansas spends compared to other states?

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LMH president and CEO receives raise, more than $100,000 bonus

Should I congratulate him or complain.

Healthcare in the US is a mess. LMH by that standard may be considered to be doing well.

There are so many things, but let's pick one small one.

I spent a night in the hospital several years ago. I take a common medication that is about 30 cents per tablet.

While there, I could not take any from my prescription, one had to be obtained from the hospital pharmacy. OK. I get it. That's probably not a bad idea.

When I got out and got the itemized bill, that pill was billed at $8!

I know you're not shocked. We're all just numb to it. To be honest, with the games that providers and insurers play with discounts, etc. I have no idea what was really billed, what insurance paid, or what I paid.

The fact that I have no idea is just as distressing as that 2500% markup.

Other countries have systems that are clearly better. We should measure ourselves against that when deciding if the administrators deserve almost a half million dollars in compensation.

My Johnson was not the CEO at the time, so my $8 pill didn't go towards his extravagant salary. At least I don't think it did.

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Police seeing increased demand for civilian training after string of recent shootings; Lawrence police meet with school officials

As horrifying as the events in Parkland were, we only publicize deaths when it is in a way that we can sensationalize.

The many, many parents who attend the funerals of their children who took their own lives, or died in car accidents, aren't any less grief-stricken. Are they? Are those deaths really less important?

As a society, we tolerate a lot of crazy things: homelessness, poverty, inequality, and countless other things we can all agree we should address.

We think we can fix the cause of these shootings, but not all the other things that take the lives of many, many young people.

The predictable outcome is that little or nothing will change, and even if it does, we will have ignored the biggest issues we face. Countless parents and family will still deal with the loss of children that I choose to believe we could have prevented.

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$600,000 funding error in city's affordable housing has city staff eyeing money recouped from billing audit

This level of incompetence has become the norm. Whatever you see at your workplace, also happens at your local government and above. We see it at the state and national level.
If we could only have that $1.5T poured into the F-35 pit... To bad the Australians, bought some.

SpaceX is making NASA look foolish, though I think they're the rare efficient and innovative company.

We won't get better government and better leadership in general until we demand it.

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Lawrence school board to consider contract to replace 8 synthetic athletic fields

If I do the math, that is a little more than $500K/year to keep the districts fields synthetic turf up to date. $63K per year per field. With 12000 students, that works out to $42 per student per year.

As much as that seems, it is only .3% of the district budget (thanks to the info I found at links below).


And general info on this page:

I may not like the way the district spends money, but I appreciate the fact that I have a much better view into how it is spent.

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Letter to the editor: Whom do we trust?

So what do you base these statements on? Why should I believe them?

Below is a site that rates the truthfulness reporting of the main news channels (including FOX).

Why do I tend to believe them? They don't show anybody as being perfect. So if they're biased, it is not obvious. Just because you don't like what they say doesn't mean it isn't true. Some people want the truth, even when the truth is not what we want it to be.

Compare the news channels and their record. If you just reject everything you don't like, the truth isn't what you're interested in.

Find another place that reports on the accuracy of the media. Tell me why you believe them. Otherwise what you're saying is just gibberish.

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Letter to the editor: Whom do we trust?

Can you define "elucidate" for us? I don't think it means what you think it means.

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