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Man zips around Lawrence streets in custom-built Batmobile

how is it that this is a story about someone who lives in Lawrence and drives this car around Lawrence, yet the Lawrence newspaper couldn't get a photo of the car to accompany their article about it? Instead they have a link to a story in the Topeka newspaper? Is the staff at the Journal World really that lazy?

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Feds want answers from Kansas anti-abortion activist

if someone sends a threatening letter to another person, while at the same time openly approving the murder of a similar person for similar reasons, it absolutely does matter. any sensible person would agree.

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Sound Off: Is it a crime to destroy campaign signs? What can you do about it? Someone keeps destroyi

in today's political climate, the us versus them mentality dictates everything. the candidate themselves are irrelevant. it's all about belonging to a party and standing by that party regardless of what it's members say or do.
members of both parties are constantly being caught in scandals, called out on their lies by fact checkers, forced to apologize for inappropriate behavior or comments, and otherwise having every fault and deficiency exposed to the 24 hour news cycle addicted public. but none of this has any effect on the zombie like party loyalty of the voters.
with that being said, why would anyone in their right mind think that something as simple as a paper sign in their front yard would have even the slightest chance of altering someone elses political opinion?
the only purpose of these signs is to agitate and provoke, and no one is more susceptible to this kind of childish behavior than the internet addicted party loyalists.

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Sound Off: How many people are going to lose their jobs when the city starts using the new trash can

actually if you had read the previous articles on this topic, you would know that the trash rates are going down for everyone, as a result of this change.

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Manhattan man drops challenge to Obama on state ballot

i guess republicans in Kansas figure the only way Romney can win is if he's the only choice on the ballot. clever...

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