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Opinion: Case more notable as tragedy than crime

this is silly for you to say this. Would it have been better if the gun was unloaded? He had every right to have and carry a concealed weapon as do many other people in this nation. There was no evidence of provocation because of a loaded gun he was carrying and as far as being dangerous, yes it can be so if used in an unsafe manner. Most people who carry guns have some sort of training, to assume carrying a gun is always dangerous is nonsense.
Zimmerman did call the police and it was his duty to follow him to see what if anything martin was up to. So , it seems you are one of the many who don't know the facts of the case or the law and are making assumptions and misguided statements

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Mail complaint leads to seizure of marijuana, cash

correct. Fed EX would have been a better choice

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Sound Off: Who is responsible for repairs to the gutter between a driveway and the street? Not the c

Have the city specs changed over time? If the specs change can the city now claim it is the owners responsibilty even if it was built properly at the time? If they werent built properly at the time (whole subdivision) did the city do anything about it then?

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Surveys indicate continuing alcohol problems among KU students

12 beers 3 nights a week? probable for 1/3rd of college kids

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Legislator, law enforcement officials call for end to K2

dumb, dumb, dumb.

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