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Arthur definitely not returning to KU

Thanks, Good Luck...

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KU wins third straight Big 12 Tourney, knocks off Texas 84-74

I can't think of a team that is more deserving. Good job! Go Jayhawks!

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T hours likely to be cut

It would would be more economical and environmentally friendly to just have the city pay for taxi rides, I gave this some thought, and the idea is very possable and would be cheaper and have a better service then the T.

If the T's ridership is at 400,000 total, even considering that some rider will have to ride 3-4 buses to get to their locations, actual A to B ridership might be somewhere in the range of 250,000 or less if that is the fact Jayhawk Taxi can do the same job more efficient for $1.5 million.

If the rider has to pay for $1 for their Taxi just as that do for the T that would mean with our rates, at only $7 dollars anywhere in town, would only cost the city $6 per run. and 6x250,000 = 1.5 million. I would also be prepared to up the anty and say that the $6 could support up to 4 people one way.

For 1.5 million dollars Jayhawk Taxi would put out a fleet of 15-20 Hybrid Taxi's making it more environmentally friendly. Roughly 684 rides per day would be given as the current numbers sit, and that is more then do-able with 15-20 taxis. This is a door to door transit system that would run 24 hours a day 365 day a year and would better serve this great city.

The job created would not be minimum wage jobs either. Drivers could passably make $800.00 or more per week plus tips for a 5 day work week.

This is just a very early idea but this very well could be a proposal to the city next year.

Please forgive spelling and grammar this was the third time that I have had to wright this email, long story...


David Jordan Alexander
Jayhawk Taxi - 785-843-8294
"The Taxi Service Lawrence Deserves."

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New deal and new wheels at KU

Who will be running saferide? To my knowledge that is a seperate contract...

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Bus system facing cuts of $450K

As the owner of Jayhawk Taxi. I would be more then willing to work something out with the city. We are $7.00 dollars anywhere in town and with gas prices that would be difficult to come off of, but I am confident that some arraignment could be made. As someone stated earlier have the passenger pay 1.50 or 2 dollars and have the city flip the rest. Hey, we even give door to door service, something must be said for that increase or productivity. Granted if the T does get cut I would have to go out any buy a few more cars and that is easier said then done. I'm thinking of the Prius, That would be much "greener" then the bus:

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