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Businessman challenging city on parachuting rights

Well I have seen about some of the most stupidest comments by people who don't have a clue as to what they are talking about that I think I have ever seen in comments on a news story.

Your precious Life Flight copter will be just fine with skydivers around. Skydive Alabama in Cullman shares the airport with a Life Flight copter. I know of an airport in Georgia that serves 2 skydiving companies and they are close enough to Atlanta that you would think traffic could be an issue but it's not.

Personally if it was me. I'd go someplace else to open a dropzone and forget Lawrence. And why ya'll are at it, since you want to run the airport your way and not under the guidelines set forth by the FAA how about you give back the tax dollars you have taken from the Feds? I didn't think so.

Bet most people don't know but the amount of money an airport gets from the Feds is partly based on the number of takeoffs and landings an airport has. So just having a dropzone there will increase federal funding to the airport.

Then there's the money skydivers spend on going out, eating, hotels, gas, etc... And the fuel sales at the airport will go up as well. But since the economy is so great in Lawrence I guess you don't need any extra cash being spent in your town.

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