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Lawrence City Commission votes against Kasold Drive lane reduction

My thanks to the Lawrence City Commission for this decision in support of the majority of Lawrence residents. I will remember those commissioners who supported Lawrence residents in this important decision...and the two who didn't. From the moment the planning commission proposed this lane reduction, it smacked with the odor of politics more than reason, logic, and statistics. My thanks to those on our council who saw through this smoke screen.

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Minor party candidates look to make gains in Kansas in 2016

The Libertarians already have my vote this year, and if the Republicans don't stop their skid to the right and the Democrats to the left, the Libertarians will have my vote in all future years as well.

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Lawrence City Commission voices skepticism on Kasold Drive lane reduction

I don't disagree, but reducing Kasold to two lanes increases congestion on the road, which makes it more dangerous for everyone.

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Lawrence City Commission voices skepticism on Kasold Drive lane reduction

The skepticism shown by the City Council on the proposed Kasold change is on the mark and has to be applauded. When we first moved to Lawrence in 1975, when the population of our city was less than half what it is today, Kasold was a 4-lane road. Now that the city has more than doubled it's size, mostly on the west side of town, there are those who are saying it now makes sense to take away two lanes? If anyone wanting a view of what Kasold would be like with two lanes, I hope you have driven through the Bob Billings and Kasold intersection in the past two weeks. With just one southbound lane closed for construction, the periods of peek traffic have become so congested it's impossible to make a turn off 13th without someone letting you into the long line. That's because most motorists during heavy traffic can't make it through on Kasold on only one light now, typically it takes two, and I've even sat through three, backing up southbound traffic on Kasold for nearly two blocks.. Kasold is the main road everyone drives north and south when construction is being performed on Iowa or Wakarusa, which seems to be as much a part of Lawrence summers as the heat.. During these times Kasold is a safety valve, taking the traffic load off the other streets. The traffic congestion created by reducing Kasold to two lanes would make it a far more dangerous road for everyone. If we can justify putting traffic lights at the intersections of 6th & Congressional and 6th & Stonehenge where there's hardly one car waiting on the minor streets, let's get some logic about our streets and finally put a light at Kasold and Harvard, with walk lights, where they've been needed for 20 years, remove the stop sign on Kasold at 8th., and voila, we've solved most of the problems.

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Simons' Saturday Column: College academic, athletic salaries are out of whack

This article is dead on target. Your jaw has to drop when billionaires like Boone Pickens gives $90 million to the OSU football program, and not a cent to its educational endeavors. Yet he is only representative of this growing problem. Major universities have become only the grooming grounds for future professional athletes, and many of those athletes even question the logic: "Why should I attend classes? I didn't come here to go to school; I came here to play basketball". And who pays the price? Taxpayers and students. KU is right in the center of this debate and it's caused me to lose all interest in KU sports, just as it has with all collegiate sports. Sports was introduced into colleges as a way of rounding a student's education, which I 100% support. But when schools are offering full scholoarships to gifted athletes who also happen to be academic zeros, regular students have only the smallest of chances of making their school's team. If we want to provide a training ground for pro athletes, let's take it off-campus, create viable farm leagues, and re-focus our schools back onto their primary purpose of providing an education.

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City approves development agreement, tax abatement for $25M Rock Chalk Park recreation center

This city shuts down schools, build parking garages and drive-up windows for their library, and builds a sports complex that no one on this planet needs. I can't wait to leave here.

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First to ‘worst’: Lowly TCU stuns Jayhawks

Just puts KU where they've belonged all year...in the second 10 or lower.

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Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts won’t back Chuck Hagel to become secretary of defense

This is a pretty typical stance from Roberts. The radical right which now controls the Republican party refuses to even support middle-of-the-road Republicans like Hagel. Personally, I think Hagel is great for the job and comments like this from Roberts only confirm that belief.

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KU portion of Rock Chalk Park project wins approval at Lawrence City Hall; KU Relays could be at site by 2014

Politics and public opinion on campus and in Lawrence remain unaltered: sports first, education somewhere further down the line. Your future tax dollars at work.

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Decades of dishonor

We damn the Scouts because they won't allow homosexuals into their organization, then damn them because they did. Only in America! And for those of you who say there's a difference between homosexuals and those who abuse boys, look it up in the dictionary.

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