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Lawrence Humane Society Director Backed by Community

Oops, I mean deleting emails UNREAD.

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Lawrence Humane Society Director Backed by Community

Ms. Hiebert, below someone mentioned that Board members are deleting emails written to them regarding Midge Grinstead. I hope this is not true, and as President I hope you will make it clear to the other Board members that deleting emails sent by LHS supporters is highly inappropriate under the circumstances.

I will print out my letter of support for Midge and hand deliver it to the Board at the meeting. That way it will be on the record even if not taking public comments.

It is certainly understandable that a personnel issue requires a level of discretion and confidentiality rules must be observed. I hope, however, that a LHS report on this matter will be available to Lawrence Humane Society members after the fact.

Thank you for responding to our concerns.

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Lawrence Humane Society Director Backed by Community

Just sent emails in support of Midge G. to all the board members and officers. Since most of the emails are c/o of the shelter, I hope they get through. Also sent this info on to my sister who knows half the town it seems like. I hope she passes it on. I will be at the meeting.

Thanks Ronda and and all posters for the info. Please keep us posted on the board meeting and any plans for a show of public support.

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Lawrence Humane Society Director Backed by Community

If true, this is of course not ok. Nevertheless, it's an issue that could be fixed by new policies not by firing a director. No doubt the shelter relies on so much volunteer time that the line between paid and non-paid time is problematic. Possibly many people work free time because they are dedicated to helping the animals.

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Study shows brain’s tactile responses: The way things feel affects what people do

Not wasted. For example, job interviews get weirder and more ... Trump-like every day. Interviewers and interviewees should be aware of many factors affecting these interactions that are not easily perceived or evaluated. I remember when a job interview was about getting the job-seeker to relax and open up in order to evaluate their everyday personality. Now it's all about a hostile setting or finding reasons to weed out people (e.g., in some cases a deliberate attempt to set up uncomfortable situations to "measure" a candidate's reaction to stress). While this interview style seems appropriate to interviewing for combat positions, it's much less so for the average job worker. Emotional/psychological research is now a fundamental part of interview strategies; unfortunately, most of the research is directed at dissecting the job seeker rather than evaluating the approaches of the HR person. These studies seem enormously valuable in attempting to quantify emotional factors affecting many kinds of professional and personal interactions.

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Kobach ties

Is there some problem with the post button? I sent an apology comment to LJW and Whitney, specifically, for thinking you didn't post all my comments. My mistake as you did post, just slowly. Just wondering if it's me or the button. Whatever.

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Kobach ties

Pls post my apology, thanks.

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Kobach ties

Huh, so I post an opinion on the quality of LJW journalism being not up to fact-checking and being partisan Whitney axes it?? Way to go for freedom of speech. ha.

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Kobach ties

LJW seems a bit less partisan lately, but still not at the level of a good article with fact-checking on Kobach's actual ties to extremist political groups and his clearly bigoted views. Probably too worried about losing readers. Kobach, of course, would probably be delighted to have his Arizona activities and political ties documented as he appears to sincerely believe in his extremist anti-immigrant views. All voters in Kansas should take note and be scared to death that he is running for public office again, but since most voters pay no attention to local politics he'll probably be a shoo-in because of name recognition and party. Sad.

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Kobach ties

Completely agree. When Dole was in office, I did not vote for him or agree with most of his political positions, but I always respected him as smart, hardworking politician with some integrity. Liked Kassebaum a lot, as she WAS a true maverick in the sense that she made decisions based on her ethics and convictions rather than always taking the partisan approach. It is so strange to feel nostalgic for Dole and I certainly never thought I would, but yes, I do as well. The intelligence and personal integrity of the average politician is of such poor quality these days. At least with Dole you could be assured he was in his profession to work for his constituents to the best of his ability. These days the notion of a political statesman or stateswoman seems naive and idealistic when people like Kobach or Palin are running for political office. And I'm sure there are many Dems just as bad, just none spring to mind immediately. I disagree on the last part: Dole would treat Kobach with courtesy as he had old-fashioned manners, no longer much in vogue.

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