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Sebelius blasts McCain's "country club economics"

Barrypenders is a pathological liar.

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Vulgar e-mail accidentally sent by Slattery staffer

Interestingly, nobody is disagreeing that Pat Roberts is an a$$h*le.

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Sebelius blasts McCain's "country club economics"

Godot (Anonymous) says:Either Sebelius is stupid, or she assumes everyone else is.--------------------------Now that's irony.Godot, I believe you were her target audience!

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Obama, in Kansas City, calls Bush and McCain out of touch on economic issues

I thought JC Watts was the poster boy for affirmative action.

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Kennedy, Michelle Obama rally party

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Obama, in Kansas City, calls Bush and McCain out of touch on economic issues

Really, RR? Then why didn't your first post say that? Because you were caught in a distortion and now you're trying to cover yourself?Guess what - you're still distorting. Obama's school in Indonesia was a public school, not a Muslim school. Obama's sister has said the 10 year old boy would sometimes attend prayer with his step-father, but he never participated.He was a child, he was attending services with his step father, and even despite all that, even as a child, he never participated in prayers.Keep trying. Want to make another distortion that will be easily dismissed?

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Obama, in Kansas City, calls Bush and McCain out of touch on economic issues

RestoreReason (Anonymous) says:How "in touch" with average Americans is a candidate who received Koranic instruction at a Muslim school in Indonesia?---------------------More in touch than the type of person who would indicate a diverse education is a bad thing. More in touch than the type of person who would raise the residence and education of a 9 year old as an issue in a Presidential election.I guess children should limit themselves to a biblical education, right? They should also only learn English, they should ignore the terrorist science of physics and only learn biology, and trigonometry is for heathens.In addition, parents take heed - if you want your child to grow up and be President don't you dare spend time living in another country. Well, unless you're an Admiral, then it is OK.

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A tough stand on Russia

Yes, the Chicago Tribune. The MSM, right?Blinded by your ideology. Sad. Keep clinging to your lies, poor fellow.

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A tough stand on Russia

When you cite a source on your Barry Soetoro nonsense who has actually travelled to Jakarta, reviewed the documents, and spoken to people who knew and educated Barack Obama, then you can keep up with your nonsense.http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/nationworld/chi-0703250340mar25,0,4122936.storyI would also encourage you to read the comments page. It is full of desperate individuals like yourself trying to further this lie, in spite of all the facts placed in front of them and in spite of the fact that this discussion is about a boy no older than 10 years old.It would be difficult for my credibility to be damaged when I was addressing your personal question of Obama supporters - "Is forgery an acceptable practice for a presidential campaign?"That question was not posed by a lawsuit or any other third party. It was yours alone, just as the rantings about Barry Soetoro are solely yours.But please, tell me about credibility some more. Tell me about the madrassa. Tell me about Obama and Kenyan royalty. Tell me all the "truth."

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A tough stand on Russia

Yeah, that's totally how I read this. You must have forgotten you brought it up before your Philadelphia nonsense. If you'll re-read your defense for that post, you'll see PUMA was only part of your reasoning. You also cited the lawsuit's questions about the certificate.Admit it, you took the bait. Stop damaging your credibility.cato_the_elder (Anonymous) says:LS04, concerning your inquiry as to neo-marxist Barack Obama's "fitness" for the presidency, where is his original birth certificate? Is forgery an acceptable practice for a presidential campaign? Also, what about your candidate's time in Indonesia? Do you know who Barry Soetoro was? His school registration papers? Citizenship: Indonesian. Religion: Muslim. Care to refute that?

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