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Army Corps wants thorough review of dredging impact on Kansas River

ok sooo open pit mining is ok... is that what im getting.... because i believe there were a LOT of open pit mining in southern ks turn of the century that cause a lot of issues later ... What I wonder is does anybody realize that the "sand " replenished it self in the river... and it has done it for thousands of years..or the river will silt up and then change course and can we realy afford that...I mean just look at all the repair that the Corps has done down stream from the dams in Lawrence... just to make the river flow better.. yea moving a couple of feet of sand will make the water dirty for a while... but when its gone you have a great deeper river not some gaping hole in the ground that takes the state money to fill back in when the company cant affored to fill it in... just look in the past and there is your answer. google open pit mining is that a better answer...REALLY

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Investigation into crash that killed Lawrence Police officer could take weeks

I too am very sorry for the loss his family has suffered. But I am also aware of the fact that because of who he was and where he worked he like all other police officers should be held to a higher standard, they should be a shining example to all, now having said that,,, it does pose several questions, some of which I believe could and should be released. First was he just getting off shift was he speeding... these are simple questions that dont need investigation, and may help us the public be at peace a little bit.... The thing that seems the most unsetteling is why are we still discussing his accident there are very few topics that the LJW deems fit to report yet they saw fit to report the same story twice... no new news.... makes me wonder dosn't it you .... and the fact that it happend at 2 am.... not wearing a seatbelt.... crossed the center line.... hit and damaged cityproperty, that we will have to pay to fix..... all of this within the city limits and last but not least.... I believe the speed limit there shouldn,t allow for a small car by itself on the road to result in a death.... something sounds strange...oh and another thing... isnt the street six lanes wide at that point including the turn lanes....just saying it doesnt add up...... my dad used to say "if it loks like a fish it must be a fish"....well if this was joe blow down the street... they would have no problem telling the public some of the information that the city department is withholding.....fishy ,,,,, just plain fishy..

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Two injured in accident on K-10 near eastern edge of Lawrence

hey for all of you out there more laws is not and will not ever be the answer..... slaughter of innocents .. ah nobody was killed and drunk driver duh it was 11 am what are you drinking....
simply put accidents will happen.... and if you take the time and figure out just how many drivers turn on and off at that corner each day times the number of days divided by number of accidents at that corner.... well i dare say it may be safer than some of the corners on Mass street... soo should we make new laws involving Mass street.. or just enforce the ones that are on the books...seems more of the later would be a first step... then and only then mabe just mabe discuss stoplights and such ... not the otherway around.. sooo again lets just get real about this...thanks.

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Man to be retried in 2006 Lawrence murder

Thou my personal beliefs aside.... I do believe in the justice system and in that belief he should be tried just like anybody else without any beliefs involved. Until proven beyond a reasonable doubt he is not guilty. End of story. And yes... I do believe he should be punished an eye for an eye not life in prison... we the people have wasted way too much money and time on inmates that cannot be rehibilitated. Again END of story...

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Letter: Near insanity

Well I too neither support nor am I against guns...I do believe in the right to bear arms... but when a right violates anothers rights it is against the law....My old school teacher used to say that I have every right to swing my arm in a crowd but and only but if I hit another then I loose that right..because now I have commited a crime. I guess what im saying is making more laws isnt going to help because the laws we have are not being enforced. Even so if they were enforced would they have stopped this crime.. duno..Yes the incedent was unfortunate... Yes this crime should not have happened. Yes maybe better gun control would have stopped it... but look at the other side.. was he legal to carry a gun ..duno what did his family do to stop it if they new about it...
Unfortunatly we live in a society that is bounding out of control and I for one am sure that no single person has all the right ideas to solve this issue...At what point in time do we quit playing the blame game and just say he was a bad apple, he was the one that walked into the school,,, he was the one that pulled the trigger... only he and only he should be responsible for his actions. And I for one am glad in certain respects that he killed himself.

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Letter: Pointless lines

Sorry, poor choice of words... Yes American is not a RACE per say... but as an American we are a meltingpot of Races.. and again we should be proud of where we came from and that by definition is RACE.. by not understanding that you are not understanding who you actually are.

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Letter: Pointless lines

the intent of "race" is simply to do just that, provide a basis for comparison, a for a lack of a better word place to start defining a person. It is not intended to be the final say, but the base the average for comparison. It in no way should be limiting it should be liberating, it gives a person a place a since of history, a since of ownness. Im white,, that is to say a little bit German, Scott, Irish, and for a touch of interest Native American. Now to look at me you would possibly not know all this, but I do. If you take the political rehtoric out of your statement then you loose meaning in your article. Every person is allowed their own opinion but that does not mean you should put it in print. I mean look at it this way, and no offence intended, but for every "white " you have a redneck,,,, "hispanic" you have spic,,,,, "oriental" you have jap, or g k,,,,, "african American" dare i say the N word... Point is for every RACE there is an alternative slang. Again RACE is just a basis for comparison.. Nothing and everything more. I and my family are White, we adopted my sister "Korean" . My brother married a "half Mexican half Cajin, I married a full blooded "Native American". My sister "Korean" married an "Indian" from India..... soooo Im saying Race is a big part of me being an American... Now in no way do I mean any Offence to any Race... you or anybody with a little bit of education can come up or should be able to come up with Positive or Negitive examples to prove or disprove what Im saying.... thats the whole point of what Im saying...RACE is just a start... YOU make the finish... oh and after re-reading your article I should tell you that My youngest brother is disabled.... Autistic, OCD, and a few others thrown in,,,,,, and yes he was "forced" into the public school system... In my opinion "very bad result" and just for spice my late wife , Native American,,, helped formulate the Americans with Disabilities Act in Congress,,,, just to be come a disabled person herself... see she suffered from Diabetes, she died Blind... having seen most of this country and frowned upon people like you... she NEVER asked for any help. She had THREE college degrees, her mom had a Phd in Chemistry worked in the government for many years, her dad had a Phd in Geology and also worked in the government for many years. Yes if it were not for race giving them a hand up to get started OUR country would be minus about forty years worth of military service... Is that what you want...Is it REALLY what you want..... Race is Vital to our OWNNESS it makes us who we are and I for one am very proud of that.... I am American..

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Letter: Price point

The real deal is this... we as a nation are a non productive nation. Now before anybody gets riled up, let me clarify that statement. In the twenties thirties and forties, we as a nation could produce almost any item, be it shoes clothes toys appliances cars, almost anything as cheep or as good as any nation or country in the world. When WW2 got finished the economy of a lot of countries suffered. We as a contry started helping out many other countries, by starting factories that could produce day to day items to help their own people. Now fifty years later we as a nation dont produce the day to day items because in our helping other countries, we ceased to help ourselves. They the other countries have prospered and although their workers are paid very little by our standards are well paid or taken care of by there standards. We as a country have nobody to blame but ourselves. They the other countries are just making a better mouse trap and given the opportunity if it was possible we as a country would do the same...And again this entire statement is based on generalities not absolutes.... there are those countries that do not follow this pattern but as a mass they do... Oh and also when you by American Made.. products just how much is actually made entirely in the good old USA and just how much is Assembled in the USA and how much is made by a US company in a foreign country.... Thats The Real Picture. thx

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Editorial: Water issue

ok may be a little slow this morning. but... to all of us out there your "average" includes several floods correct ... if we are going to set standards lets be real... we are in a drought...I cant tell the future.. but I do practice the idea of be prepaired for the worse so if its better then it is great.. Im not a fatilist or anything... but at what point should we begin to become a little worried...when the water is low.. mmmmm when we are put on restrictions of wattering our lawn...mmmm maybe we should be a little worried because we are currently sitting at about half the total water for normal recieved this year and we only have a month and a half left...mmmm worried yet... well lets see.. just when was the last "flood " that could have bulit up the below ground water table... mmmm certinatly not in the last five to ten years....maybe not even the last fifteen years.. and I dont mean just a wet spring but an entire wet trend.. Face the facts.. I believe im hearing the same thing as was portrayed before the dust bowl of the thirtys... oh just a little dry spellll yea rt..... have you been to clinton , lake perry, lone star lakes recienly... most of all those water resources are more than twenty to thirty feet down at the least... wake up dont wait till the bucket is empty to worry about filling it up... we should be acting not reacting.... I like the ability of turning on the tap and getting a drink.... just think not to far in the future you may have to boil that water because it is getting so low do you want to discuss it then...

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Enforcement issue

grandfather clause well whatever... the citizens around that business are just upset because its a salvage yard... if it was any other business they would not be up set and that my friends is discrimination look around that area especially right across the street that is a business all be it it is owned by the city why is there no discussion about it closing down...yes the yard could be cleaned up but it is doing a service to the city and surrounding area wake up america.. get real and quit wasting taxpayers dollars on something as trivial as this...

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