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Neighbor questions church's use of school

Bzzzzt. You are wrong. The antiestablishment clause and the freedom clause are in the amendments as you state. However, this clause:

"[N]o religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States."

appears in Article 6. You really should read something before you start telling people what it does and does not say.

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Armored vehicle, recently bought by Lawrence police with federal grant, appearing on city streets

This is just silly. An armored vehicle patrolling the streets of Lawrence. I suppose it will be useful enforcing the fireworks ban...

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Kobach considering plan that could produce two kinds of voters

This is truly a legal train wreck just waiting to happen. I've never agreed with Kobach, but this goes far deeper than that. To believe you can have two classes of citizens in Kansas defined by their voting rights is not only unconscionable, it flies in the face of about 100 years of legal decisions regarding voting. If Kobach doesn't know that, he is unfit for his job and should be recalled.

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Bicyclist killed in accident on South Lawrence Trafficway identified as 29-year-old Lawrence woman

This intersection is without question the worst designed in Lawrence. Pedestrians crossing a road with a 65mph speed limit, a very dangerous "T" without enough room when traffic is heavy, tons of kids and their parents in and out of there all the time. Just a horrible design that will be worse when the SLT is finished and carries more traffic.

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Charles Koch plans $200,000 media ad campaign in Wichita

The Kochs are the children of inherited wealth. They have created a little fantasy world just like Michael Jackson's Neverland where they can live without ever dealing with reality. They don't pay rent or a mortgage, they don't have jobs - particularly jobs they can be fired from, and no one around them will ever disagree with then even for the sake of vigorous discussion. Nothing wrong with Neverland, nothing wrong with the Koch's version. I just don't think they should be in charge.

There's nothing wrong with having tons of money, but it should be earned. The Kochs, Kennedys, and other American Royal Families have created little subcultures where privilege is inherited rather than earned. The Kennedy's original money came from bootlegging. The Koch's money came from building oil fields for Stalin in the old Soviet Union. Their wealth was generated in an anti-competitive, brutally regulated environment and enriched the regime of one of history's most horrific dictators. I prefer bootlegging. To be fair, watching Stalin is what pushed them towards Ayn Rand's philosophies. But comparing themselves to Rand's heroes is not much less disingenuous than comparing themselves to Robin Hood.

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Editorial: Voter snafu

Anyone else find it ironic that the SCOTUS issued a ruling on the Voting Rights Act this morning? I happen to agree with the ruling in this case, but this is a reminder of why the law exists and remains important. (If you're not watching the news, the SCOTUS ruling invalidated only one part of the law.)

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Departing assistant superintendent to work for Fort Hays State

Do you expect the same for Sherriene Sontag-Jones who moved from spokesperson for the Kansas Speaker to spokesperson for the Governor and most recently to the Kansas Lottery? Do you question the bonus received when working for the Speaker or that her husband is a major political supporter of the Governor?

<crickets chirping>

You also really need to learn how to construct a sentence. While you're at it, stop using hispanic colloquialisms in really insulting ways.

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Amid budget cuts to higher education, KU gets funding for adult stem cell center

Really folks. Even if this is the best idea ever, do you realize how little life science research $1M buys? The money should be politely returned not because of ideology, but because it is absolutely wasted. Think being told to drive to Denver and given $1 for gas. You can spend it, but it's not going to get you anywhere close to where you want to be.

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New report finds city's broadband market sub-par

With the sale of Sunflower to Knology, Lawrence went from a technology leader to a profit center for a large company. Knology and now WOW must be making fortune on Lawrence. No upgrades to infrastructure, no upgrades to in-home equipment, renting horrifically old equipment, no access to services like Watch ESPN, etc. Shame on you WOW.

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