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Large pet supply chain files plans for store near Sixth and Wakarusa; Lawrence gasoline prices still the highest in the state

For those people that lost pets in the fires in pet facilities in Lawrence, the lede wasn't appropriate. I'm not sure "smoke-filled room full of canines" is an image anyone wants to remember.

Would you please consider removing that line out of respect for the families that lost pets?

The loss of a pet stays with you forever, and when it's due to a fire and imagine a dog suffocating to death, trapped in a cage...the pain is that much worse and doesn't need a reminder.

PS I hope that facility has adequate fire suppression.

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Downtown restaurant owners to open bistro in East Lawrence; city named one of best small college towns in America

Please correct the story. Athens, Ohio is not the home of "University of Ohio" As the source says (check the link) it is Ohio University. There is no such school as "University of Ohio" The terms are not interchangeable. The proper name is clearly stated in the 1804 charter.


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3 finalists vying to be superintendent of Lawrence schools discuss backgrounds, goals

Since this is digital, you can change things to more accurately reflect the copy

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Lawrence schools work to close 'homework gap' with digital textbooks

For digital textbooks, the computers don't need to be very new. Software like Cloud Ready was specifically designed for these situations.

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Lawrence schools work to close 'homework gap' with digital textbooks

Security concerns? That somehow the computers were dangerous? Connecting for Good in KC could figure it out: http://www.connectingforgood.org. I figure we're just as smart in Lawrence -- maybe even smarter!

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Lawrence schools work to close 'homework gap' with digital textbooks

It's a shame that tons of computers were recycled last weekend instead of being redirected to local needs. I know many clients have tried to donate older but functional computers to the schools and the schools wouldn't accept them.

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In Kansas, registered sex offenders allowed to participate in trick-or-treating

Check out your smartphone app store. Both Google and Apple have apps that will look at your current location and pull up the registry. Most are free or less than $5.00.

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Just Food board alleges Farmer overpaid himself by more than $52,000; criminal charges being pursued

I agree. Contacting the employer of the mom of a subject of an interview isn't appropriate. Family members should be off-limits for stories. They did no wrong.

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Fallout from Farmer allegations may create questions at City Hall; process to find City Commission replacement gets going tonight

"I don’t have any particular instances to report" Maybe I'm wrong, but if a reporter has nothing to report, then why report on that fact?

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Lawrence Mayor Jeremy Farmer submits resignation to city

I don't mean to nitpick but the lede in this story says "where he failed to pay about $50,000 in federal payroll taxes."

As I understand , Just Food didn't pay the taxes. I don't believe he was personally responsible for them. Was he? I know he was executive director, but has he actually admitted that he was responsible? That makes a big difference in my view of the organization. Right now, I'm holding Just Food responsible for the financial mismanagement until such time as a report comes out explaining why they didn't pay their fair share for employees.

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