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A Thousand Voices: Kansas' newest gun laws see opposition in latest survey

The "honest truth" is that roughly 1/3 of Americans own guns, and that less are owning them every year. http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/o...

I get how facts play with the gun crowd, so answer me this. If public safety is so dependent on everyone carrying guns at all times, why is the NRA and the bought and paid for members of Congress so afraid of allowing there to be a true study on gun violence and gun casualties in this country? It couldn't possibly have anything to do with the "honest truth" that guns in no way make the public safer, right?

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K-State marching band apologizes for shot at Jayhawks

Not quite. 4X FCS Champ NDSU, not some team that had never beaten an FBS team.

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UNC academic fraud can't happen at KU, some regents say

Ok, so just to confirm...at a university where they are building a multi, multi-million dollar luxury apartment building strictly for the basketball team, something like the UNC scandal could never happen. Got it.

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Bill Self not a fan of 'secret scrimmages'

It's entirely possible I'm missing something, but where, exactly, does Self say that he is not a fan of the secret scrimmages, because as far as I can tell, he more or less said that he thinks they are pretty useful, but due to the fact that basketball is the only breadwinner, they have to keep a second exhibition game in order to make money for the school. Unless there were some quotes that got left out...

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Tale of the tape: KU vs. Rice

Misread...my mistake.

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A look at how KU and its students would fare under President Obama's higher education reforms

'Vitter said he was concerned that a focus on graduation rates could erode the quality of education should colleges start competing over graduation rates, maybe even “giving grades away." '

The irony from the Kansas provost, while probably not intentional, is hilarious. Because that certainly doesn't happen at Kansas.

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Owners of pre-eminent K-State bookstore buy The Jayhawk Bookstore

Well, since KSU has a contract with 810 to air their sports programming, I'm going to go out on a limb and guess those live broadcasts won't happen. Unless things have changed recently, but something tells me Keitzman won't let that happen. 610 or 580 broadcasting would make sense, of course.

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What is more unpopular: Congress or Obamacare?

This notion that Obamacare is unpopular is hilarious. Like it has been stated, people overwhelmingly support the individual parts of the ACA, but the corporate media and teabaggers have made the name Obamacare so scary! It's the exact same as saying you love pepperoni, cheese, and thick marinara sauce slathered on baked bread, but you hate pizza.

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What is more unpopular: Congress or Obamacare?

Then your observation is false. Stating that a doctor treats a child patient differently based on who is paying the bill is false.

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His moment of Truth? Ben McLemore goes No. 7 in NBA Draft to Sacramento Kings

The comment situation on this website is horrible, by the way. The same story leads to two separate comment sections? Why can't this be fixed? Yes, I know technically they are two different sites, but this isn't the Wichita Eagle/Kansas City Star. This is the same website.

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