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Not-so-gentle reign

Careful garyr,
Your grammar is almost as bad as your memory. KU's record vs. NU during the Mangino era? 0-2.

I agree with jvinland about college football. There is very little about it that is "fun." It is hard work under hard taskmasters. You either play be their rules or you don't play at all. Sometimes those rules are acceptable, and sometimes they shouldn't be. That's each individual's choice.

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Not-so-gentle reign

Touche, Mister Pink. Although I never thought I'd get into a sparring match in a Kansas newspaper, here goes...After Wilson made me cry, I decided to stick it to him by starting 22 straight games. Like you might guess, I now live in a van down by the river. And by 'van down by the river', I mean I'm a practicing physician. Life is bigger than sports for 99% of college athletes, and I hope the KU players at least learn that while they're in college. It's easy to marginalize criticisms by dissatisfied players, but when successful former players (former KU captains) start chiming in, the administration should listen.

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Not-so-gentle reign

As a Northwestern University former player, I'm totally unaffiliated with KU and only read this article as it was linked through cnnsi.com and Andy Staples. I played offense under Kevin Wilson at NU under similar verbal and questionably physically abusive circumstances. We certainly had success (not top 10, but we were Big Ten champs), but eventually the verbal abuse wore thin and we bottomed out. I see a parallel between our experience and the experiences of current KU players. Kevin Wilson went to Oklahoma where you could argue that the same pattern is occurring (initial success, followed by struggles).
Every coach in Division I is tough. Every coach yells at players. A line is crossed when the yelling becomes verbal abuse about personal matters or physical in nature. That's not tough, it's abusive, and it teaches nothing to the players other than bad habits. It shouldn't be tolerated by the administration or the players. I think no less of a player or coach who leaves an abusive situation than I would of a woman who leaves an abusive husband. Those players or coaches aren't quitters, they just hold their superiors to a high standard and don't accept abuse as normal. Those are the future leaders of America, not the ones who get kicked in the teeth and say it's okay.

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