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Sweeping abortion bill sent to governor

You obviously didn't read the article. The two reasons given for the rise were the decrease in Medicaid and gun ownership. Abortion isn't mentioned.

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Local girls become beauty queens for a day

If you response was addressed to me Katara, by all means, "enlighten" me. Regardless of whether or not you agree, I think my post stands on its own merits. Unlike your one line response that doesn't, in any way, offer a cogent rebuttal to my statement or even address the article at hand.

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Local girls become beauty queens for a day

The thing that bothers me about this whole thing is the assumption that just because a family is "poor," that the children are inherently high-risk. This isn't the case at all but it is an assumption that the Boys and Girls Club seems to believe. Years ago, I called them to see about getting a foster child into the after-school program. I was told that the foster child would have to be put on a waiting list with all the other children. I asked why a child who is at high-risk(and I think everyone would agree a foster child would be considered risk) would be put behind children who are in stable homes. The response I got from the worker was that "all" of the children were high-risk because they were poor. That isn't even remotely true. A child who has a stable home with food, shelter and loving parents, who just might be poor because they are going to college, is not high-risk. The assumption is that if the parents are finiancially poor than the child must be poor in other areas. That same assumption is evident in this article. That just because a child attends Boys and Girls club that these "girls ...might not have .. the opportunity look and feel as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside." Dressing up and getting one's hair done isn't an opportunity to feel good about onesself. These children dress up all the time. And most get their hair done on a regular basis and I don't know any girl 4-10 who does not or has not dressed up like a princess considering how huge the whole Disney Princess franchise is. So, I don't see this as much of an opportunity.

This second thing that bothers me is that it based on gender stereotypes. Is there going to be a boys' day? Are they going to get their hair done? (And don't kid yourself boys do like getting their fauxhawk) Or, are the Boys and Girls Club going to get a police officer or a soldier or a instructor in martial arts to come in? I'm willing to bet that if they even talked about it, that is what was suggested. Girls look pretty. Boys learn to kick butt.
If they are really interested in giving girls confidence---real, lasting actual confidence--then they would bring in a bunch of Marines and teach these girls how to run drills or be assertive and to stand up for themselves. But that won't happen because it is easier to just slap some lipstick and a high-risk label on a girl than to actually do anything about it.

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Sides clash in hearing on bill that would repeal in-state tuition for undocumented students

Christopher Columbus was NOT a Spaniard. He was born in Genoa Italy somewhere between August and October 1851. He did not go to Spain until he was in his 30s and he went there for money not for any sense of patriotism for the country of Spain.

He, also, did NOT discover North America. He never set foot on any land that today could be considered North America.

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Gay rights advocate has quarantine concerns over proposed changes in infectious disease law

Did anyone even bother reading the bill before they started running around flapping their arms claiming the sky is falling? It's only 2 pages long.

This article is nonesense. And by article, I mean the LJWorld article. The word "quarantine"only appears once in a long lists of procedures to take or possibly take in the case of a health worker coming in contact with blood, tissue or organs. There are thousands of such protocols in place throughout this country in hospitals,clinics, research labortories and schools. This is not aimed at margelinizing or discriminating against individuals with HIV or AIDS. This is about how best to protect out health workers, firefighters, corrections officers, law enforcement officers, teachers and anyone other professionals who routinely come in contact with the bodily fluids of other individuals.

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Catholic Cardinals choose 266th pope

Putting aside Pope Francis' actions or inactions for a moment, what do you think you would have done Bozo? I know you think you would have been out there "fighting the good fight" but in reality, that isn't how it is in a totalitarian government. My undergraduate degree is in Latin American history. I probably know more about the Dirty War than the average person does and if you think you can sit there in your nice safe armchair and claim that you would have been some sort of hero, you are misguided and arrogant. Oscar Shindler had to "go along to get along" or he would have never been able to save 1, 200 Jewish people. The most successful people in a resistance are not the ones out there making noise. They end up dead. The ones that save people's lifes are the ones that work behind the scenes. The ones that stay out of the limelight. And whether or not you like it, there is evidence that Pope Francis I did do that.

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Local priests praise selection of Argentine cardinal as new pope

Unlike you who doesn't care to actually study the reasons behind the Church's teachings. Just because YOU do not like something does not mean that it is bigoted.

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Local priests praise selection of Argentine cardinal as new pope

No, there is no such proof. Only a lot of speculation and rumors and innuendos.

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Local priests praise selection of Argentine cardinal as new pope

I understood it. I was correcting you. In your post, you made the comment that Pope Benedict was not Italian which didn't make sense in the context of the statement that was made. If you were agreeing with Rev. Schmeidler, then you should have written something along the lines of "Pope Benedict wasn't Italian "also" which still wouldn't have made all that much sense but would have at least clarified that you understood that Pope John Paul II was the first non Italian.

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Catholic Cardinals choose 266th pope

mmmmmmmm when was the last time you went and washed the feet and took care of someone dying from AIDS. If the answer is "never" then I guess that makes the Pope a better man than you because he has. I guess some people do and some people just complain.

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