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Kansas texting law takes full effect Jan. 1

What about women drivers??

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Kansas City Zoo polar bear’s repetitive swimming worries some

I love the zoo. But that said, the bear is much better off than those poor tigers.

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Don't feel cheated: 'Late mergers' in construction zones can actually ease traffic congestion

The main advantage to using the "zipper" late merge approach (summary: use both lanes during backups and take turns at the merge point) is to reduce road rage of the type that you amateur traffic cop commenters perpetuate. In a construction zone where the number of cars trying to get through exceeds capacity, there is going to be a backup. Where people merge will make little difference in anything except the amount of time they have to wait.

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Turnpike work near Lawrence puts drivers in the slow lane

Actually, drivers merging extremely early into a single lane causes more congestion and slowdowns than the preferred situation, where drivers use both lanes during backups and take turns at the merge. Traffic dynamics studies have shown this and more progressive states use signage to this effect. To learn more:

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Local Verizon, AT&T cell phone users having trouble getting connected

It's good information and I appreciate it.

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Dollar General planning to build store in North Lawrence

Dollar General's target market is people who thing Wal-Mart is too upscale. That's really saying something.

April 28, 2010 at 10:23 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

To chagrin of Wildcats, Jayhawk fans turn Manhattan 'KS' rocks into 'KU'

Time to cut the Riley County Police budget.

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Major Midwest trash company making push into Lawrence with weekly curbside recycling pickups

Where do I sign up? I'm sorry for the small recycling haulers, but this is awesome news for Lawrence! It's not the cost so much as the "no-sort" idea.

If people don't have to sort, they can just have "garbage" and "recycling" bins, rather than having multiple boxes and bags taking up space. And the decision process is less confusing for the less committed - "throw it in the garbage" or "throw it in the recycling." People (including my roommates) are just not dedicated enough to sort things, and as a results lots more garbage is created.

I can hear you guys already, but save it - this is just a fact of American society currently and it's more effective to make it easier for folks than to change minds!

We had a system like this in Minnesota when I lived there, and it was great.

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IE 6 user? Tell us your story

I think it's mostly a corporate thing, along with a small number of non-technical users. My company provides web-based services to about 1000 restaurants, and at least 1/3 of our base still uses IE6. Even a small banner suggesting people upgrade prompted strong resistance (i.e. me getting yelled at) by various customers' IT departments.

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City crews busy filling multitudes of potholes

The concrete streets of my apartment complex are 5 years old and in perfect condition, no potholes or damage. The concrete intersections that Lawrence put in at Kasold & 15th and elsewhere are only a couple years old and already tore up.

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