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What would you do to lower the federal deficit?

Get rid of the people in the government who are wasting the money. Then (option 1): hire someone with a financial background to take their place (maybe Warren Buffett). Or (option 2): send the politicians back to the 3rd grade and teach them this rule: if you spend more than you make you will be broke.

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Kansas faces looming teacher shortage

Seems to me that there are probably many people out there who could teach at the elementary level, but don't have a teaching degree. After all, most parents out there could teach grades 1-5. I understand the need for a masters degree to teach something specialized like chemistry, physics, high level math and calculus, programming, etc. But you don't need a masters degree to teach 3rd grade spelling and reading. Think about it, who knows more about English (for example), an English teacher or the editor of a local newspaper or magazine? But the editor can't teach because he doesn't have a degree in teaching. Maybe lighten up on the requirements for a teacher and the schools out there in the rural areas would attract more prospects.

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Lied Center to host The Price is Right Live!

Is this the actual 'The Price is Right' TV show, or is this a stage show / play? Can't really tell by the article?

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Are you going anywhere for Labor Day?

i'm going to work. same as any other day

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Lawrence officials question performance of charter virtual schools

Maybe I missed something here. Can someone out there answer this: Why is the school district paying K12 to $4030 per student to run the Lawrence Virtual School? Do the students pay tuition to use the LVS? If so, how much is the tuition and why aren't the students paying $4030 instead of the district. It seems to me that if the fair price is $4030, then that is the amount that the district should charge the student for tuition. Or to put it another way, if MY child is not using the LVS then the district should not use my tax dollars to support someone else's project. If you want to use the LVS that's fine with me, but YOU should pay for it. It seems like a lot of money to spend ($1.1 million) to educate 292 students. I would like to know how much it costs to educate the same number of students in a brick and mortar school. Maybe someone can answer these questions?

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Survey to count bicycles, pedestrians

We don't need volunteers. I'll start: one

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Concept plan for 5K, 10K trails at Rock Chalk Park emerges

It seems like building a running path is only in the interest of a few people in Lawrence. Anyone who is interested in jogging or walking for exercise will just walk around their own neighborhood. It's ridiculous to think someone would want to drive out there to the new RCP just to jog on a new path. It's a waste of money to build a running path that only a few will use. Spend the money on something EVERYONE can use. Better yet, fix the broken sidewalks around town.

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Concept plan for 5K, 10K trails at Rock Chalk Park emerges

1 kilometer = 3280.84 feet. So... 5 kilometers = 16,404.2 feet.
"Amenities such as two restrooms along the trail route and benches about every 1,000 feet. "
Do we need 16 benches installed on a 5K path? I'm not a runner, but I doubt that most runners sit down ever 1000 feet. Scratch the benches off the list and add a couple of beer taps for us non-runners.

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Should Lawrence keep or repeal the ban on fireworks?

Question: Should Lawrence keep or repeal the ban on fireworks?
Answer: (4th person interviewed) “As a homeowner, I would say yes"

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