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Lawrence man, 24, pleads no contest to aggravated battery

That "victim" was approached in the first because he was harassing an innocent homeless man.

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Lawrence man arrested on suspicion of domestic battery, sexual assault charges for second time in two weeks

"Roberts said when they arrived police heard a woman screaming for help, forced entry into the residence and found a 26-year-old man battering his 22-year-old girlfriend"

Sounds like he is about to deep fry her.

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Woman reports burglary, theft of about $2,600 in 2300 block of Yale

Lol. Juggling balls?

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Group seeks Pepsi grant for Lawrence schools

Don't take their money just because soda is harmful and let Lawrence school district continue to fail?
You're selfish.

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Family members looking for 13-year-old boy

nothing has to be going on at home for a kid to run away because they cant go swimming.

Whats odd is that he hasn't been home since.

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Lawrence man says he's victim of a hate crime after assault on Mass. Street last Friday

LOL you should get deleted from earth.

You clearly didn't read the article and just wanted to bash.

He did not just get punched in the eye.

"His eye is purple and swollen shut. His eye socket is shattered, and he has an indentation in his face where his cheek bone used to be."
He may not be in ICU but this is still pretty messed up.

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Five juveniles arrested after armed robbery near KU campus

To ralphralph - Everybody makes bad choices. So are we all bad people? Obviously not. You haven't made all the right choices in your life so shut up.

The main victim could be called a thief, but never did anything to the offenders. Mainly just money was taken, but no drugs where involved. That's why those five idiots got arrested.

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Five juveniles arrested after armed robbery near KU campus

emptymind – Are you honestly asking me if it is a surprise that Lawrence has crime? I laughed when I read that. I live here and I’m young. I’m part of it. I know damn well Kansas City and Topeka are not to blame for our crime. You also make it sound like everyone from Lawrence thinks that everything bad is caused by someone from Kansas City or Topeka. That's just closed minded people like you. The only difference, in this case, between you and people in Lawrence is that you think we think our town is perfect. We don’t at all. Your city is bigger, so it will have more crime. But we have plenty of problems to. This is a major college town, Heelllooooo??? I would also like to know how my last post was garbage? You don’t know anything about that robbery and clearly nothing about Lawrence. Im thinkin you just said that thinking it would make me mad?
It was just another thing to make me laugh. I don’t take offence to ignorant remarks.

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