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Lawrence woman sentenced to five years for voluntary manslaughter in Christmas Day death of boyfriend

I'm surprised she got any prison time given the circumstances. Many people would say she acted in self defense. I really don't think she is a danger to society at this point, but she might be when she gets out in 5 years. Prison is a great training ground for criminals, and not always the best solution in cases like this.

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Lawrence school board members defend recess

Hopefully if teachers are having to "discipline" or "punish" students too often, they will take a look at their own behavior and see what they might change, or how they might change the classroom environment to make it more positive. All behavior is communication.

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Lawrence school board members defend recess

There are many other interventions besides taking away privileges to change behavior.

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Lawrence school board members defend recess

Unfortunately its always the same kids losing privileges. Positive behavior supports should help minimize punishment and focus on changing the environment to provide opportunities for success. As the parent of kids who struggle with behavior, losing recess is not an option.

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Police: Suspect in East Lawrence slaying in Shawnee County Jail on unrelated burglary charge

It is the only state hospital still open.

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Missing woman found in northern Lawrence

Thankfully she was found this morning about 7:30.

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Citizen's petition calls for smoking ban on Massachusetts Street

There are many entertainment districts (I think Power and Light in KC is one) that smoking is banned everywhere -- inside and outside of buildings. It certainly makes for a more pleasant atmosphere.

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Court to rule in Carr brothers death penalty appeal

The death penalty is not a deterrent to heinous crimes -- I don't think the Carr's thought about it when they went on their spree, and the appeals go on and on forever at a huge expense to the state. Life in prison without the possibility of parole is just as effective in terms of protecting society, so there's really no need for the death penalty.

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City wants feedback on proposed changes to transit system

The buses will still go downtown. It just won't be the transfer point that it is now. It will be a change, so everyone is resistant, but everyone will still be able to get where they need/want to go.

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Lawhorn's Lawence: Finding independence

Enacting Employment First legislation implies that people with disabilities will be employed in their community in integrated settings. That is not happening to the extent it should, particularly those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. So the system we have now is really not working.

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