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Living arrangements of accused murderer's son called into question

This young man needs help. I hope he's getting more than just a roof over his head. He needs some stability and support.

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Lawrence schools: Five senior Free State students identified as vandals

The N-word should not be used by anyone any where at any time. it is meant to be demeaning and degrading to a group of people. Unfortunately when it's being used by Black people, it is ignored. I'm not sure whether people just think it's OK or if they're afraid to interfere, which is racism in a different form.

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Teens plead not guilty to attempted aggravated robbery charges

If they are incarcerated, they will only learn to plan better next time and to bring real weapons instead of BB guns and sticks. I am hoping they get the help they need to get back on track.

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Lawrence congregations gather to mourn events in Ferguson

I knew the two situations would be compared. The only similarity is that 2 young people lost their lives.

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New sexuality education standards implemented throughout Lawrence public schools this year

They got sexuality education, too. They just got it from the playground instead of professionals.

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ACLU: Kansas offender registry unconstitutional

They do have drug offenders and violent offenders on the list as well as sex offenders. I'm not sure what the criterion is for having to register for the other 2 categories.

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Lawrence woman sentenced to five years for voluntary manslaughter in Christmas Day death of boyfriend

I'm surprised she got any prison time given the circumstances. Many people would say she acted in self defense. I really don't think she is a danger to society at this point, but she might be when she gets out in 5 years. Prison is a great training ground for criminals, and not always the best solution in cases like this.

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Lawrence school board members defend recess

Hopefully if teachers are having to "discipline" or "punish" students too often, they will take a look at their own behavior and see what they might change, or how they might change the classroom environment to make it more positive. All behavior is communication.

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Lawrence school board members defend recess

There are many other interventions besides taking away privileges to change behavior.

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Lawrence school board members defend recess

Unfortunately its always the same kids losing privileges. Positive behavior supports should help minimize punishment and focus on changing the environment to provide opportunities for success. As the parent of kids who struggle with behavior, losing recess is not an option.

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