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Lawrence Community Shelter seeks immediate funds to avert drastic cuts

All that means is that they need more staff time to manage the increased population, so they have spent more money. Pretty simple.

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Lawrence school days to increase by several minutes to allow professional development days for teachers

I don't know where you teach or even what your connection to teachers in the district is, but this is not true of most teachers. There certainly might be some who do that, but they are choosing to take personal time off for those appointments. There is a lot of good work that gets done during collaboration time and many teachers fought long and hard to get it.

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Lawhorn's Lawrence: Fighting cancer a knock at a time

So glad that Bob is a member of the Lawrence Lions Relay team. Go Bob, and Go Lions!!

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Pedestrian hit by vehicle, airlifted from Sixth and Iowa late Thursday night

Crossing 6th street from north to south, I guess.

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Lawrence schools, police report no serious pre-graduation pranks

There was a car in the rotunda just a few years ago, and a teacher's classroom was emptied and replicated in the commons area. There have been some clever pranks and some awesome TP artistry!!!

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Lawrence High shot putter pushing past cerebral palsy, conventional expectations

Boo! He is not only participating, he is competing!!! And he is part of the team!!! Why is this "impact" only considered when the person has a disability??? I'm sure there are people without disabilities that negatively impact a team as well -- I can think of a few examples on the KU basketball team this year.

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Lawrence school district expects to repay $672,000 in state aid

So does that mean that we should have to give it back because the Governor is an idiot?

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Lawrence school district expects to repay $672,000 in state aid

I most certainly will defend the Courageous Conversations program. It has allowed minority students an opportunity to better connect with the school and much much more. The achievement gap has narrowed and I believe that Courageous Conversations has played a part in that. What about it don't you like?

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Jury finds McLinn guilty of first-degree murder

This case is so sad. One life lost and another ruined by mental illness.

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Lawrence teachers wary of bill holding them criminally liable for harmful material

"public should trust school districts to construct healthy conversations about sexuality and other topics. There is plenty of oversight in our classrooms," he said. "We need to support our teachers who develop rich, diverse curricula."

This quote says it very well. And now "rich diverse curricula" is criminal. Not surprising that our very best teachers are leaving the profession and it is our kids that are the losers.

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