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Letter to the editor: Jail practices

I agree with the writer. I believe that for many of the people in jail, their major "crime" is being poor. If you look at the jail log, so so many are arrested for "failure to appear". Why do they fail to appear? Because they think they will have to pay a fine that they can't pay, so they roll the dice and don't show up. Good option? No, but sometimes the only one they can see at the time. I would add that an alternative to incarceration should be offered for people with mental health problems and addictions.

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Black Lives Matter vigil prompts race discussion among Lawrence school board members

This forum demonstrates the issue very well. People with privilege (note I did not say white privilege, although that's usually what it is), myself included, can sit at their laptop and type all sorts of things because they don't have to live with the racism every day and worry about how they will be judged based on the color of their skin. We are not talking about all lives right now, we are talking about Black lives, and they matter very much.

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Father of woman who died in Douglas County Jail suing for $1.35 million

I'm definitely in favor of a separate facility, but for now, it is absolutely critical that people get the medications that are prescribed for them while they are in jail. Also there should be a separate area where people who are detoxing can be observed more closely.

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Father of woman who died in Douglas County Jail suing for $1.35 million

If it was for a probation violation, sometimes (usually) there is no bond. Not s sure about this case, though.

Someone I work with was arrested and went a whole day (24 hours) without his medications (anti convulsants and other psychotropics). We brought the meds and physician's orders to the jail, but they were never administered. Fortunately nothing happened, but certainly could have.

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A look at the 10 Kansas inmates on death row

The death penalty is legal in Kansas, since it was reinstated in 1994. They just have not executed anyone since 1965.

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Rising enrollment at Free State High School displaces theater classes

So we maintain the black box theater to be exclusively for theater and have other classes in other less desirable spaces like hallways, stages, cafeteria,etc.

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Former Lawrence mayor and Parks and Recreation advisory board member Sue Hack and current mayor Mike

Both are equally offensive. I have asked people many times to put out their cigarettes because I didn't want to inhale their filthy habit, and their response was "It's public property" and kept right on puffing. At least now there's a regulation to back me up. Also, I don't think I will experience any physical harm if I step in dog poop.

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Former Lawrence mayor and Parks and Recreation advisory board member Sue Hack and current mayor Mike

I don't think this is intended for those folks walking through an empty park, but for the inconsiderate jerks who light up at ball games, band concerts, etc.

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Financially struggling homeless shelter not living up to management plan

Just last night my friends were awakened at 3:00 an intoxicated KU student who had flopped over their fence and couldn't get up. It took 2 police officers and EMS to remove him from their property. So it's not only shelter guests that cause problems in neighborhoods. And these students aren't from Lawrence/Douglas County either. Where's the public outcry about them??? When was the last time some of the complainers volunteered at the shelter , to fill the vacant positions that have been cut? If everyone volunteered once a week, there would be no staff shortages.

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U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia dead at 79

I thought of this myself. If I were in his shoes, I'd give it a try.

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