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Longtime employee Linda Lassen 1 of 2 laid off at Penn House on Friday

Actually, Ballard took a very significant hit- the largest decline of any agency- from United Way in 2012, compared with the previous year. See this article:

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N. Lawrence development project needs design guidelines, city says

The Sandbar is not opposed to the North Lawrence development. Not sure where you got that idea.

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Creativity on parade for St. Patrick’s Day

The last time the Sandbar float was any kind of a boat was in 2007, when it was a double-decker riverboat and completely different from a pirate ship.

We've built a castle, barn, locomotive, volcano, Egyptian pyramids, a wedding cake, a 50's style car, an aquarium, the set of a Jimmy Buffett concert... I'm not sure how we could "mix it up" any more than that. As for recycling, we do try to re-use as much of the lumber and supplies as possible each year to not only save money on a very expensive venture, but also to reduce waste. The floats, however, are built from scratch every year.

Thanks to everyone for a great parade, it was another wonderful day in Lawrence!

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Town Talk: Santa Fe depot lighting up while debate over restoration may be heating up; 8,870 city potholes; can I still pinch you on Half St. Patrick's Day?

Just a clarification on the Halfway to St. Patrick's Day party- this event is through the St. Patrick's Day Parade Committee, and credit for the event should go to them. It's not a Sandbar event, though it happens to be in front of our building, and we are assisting the group with party logistics since we have some experience in that area!

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We enjoyed our lunch at Pickleman's. The prices were fairly reasonable and there was a good selection of sandwiches, pizza and soup on the menu. It was a good amount of food for the price. I wouldn't compare the sandwiches to Jimmy John's, which I also love- they are more similar to Yello Sub in my opinion. Definitely get a cookie, they're delicious!

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Friends to follow: Bridge relationships from social networks to real life

You can also find the group on Facebook: /socialmediaclublawrence

Everyone is welcome!

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Town Talk: Compton also interested in Ninth and Vermont; Bambino's moving west; Carter leading City Commission fundraising; new signs that Johnson won't run; snow shoveling not just for sidewalks

It's definitely been there longer than 5 years. My best friend worked there while we were in college, which would have been around 96/97/98. It's changed ownership various times, maybe that's where the discrepancy is.

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I was so disappointed with the news, I love delicious! I started the process to transfer to Diigo last night, and it was easy to set everything up. However, I still haven't received an email from them stating that the transfer is complete and nothing is in my account yet. I don't know if it's just taking extraordinarily long because they're inundated, or if I did something wrong. I guess I'll just keep waiting!

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Sandbar Block Party: 21st Anniversary -- 08/14/10 at Sandbar

Three bands will play: Stomper, Katlyn Conroy & the Wild and Wooly, and Mark Valentine and the Ones. Music starts shortly after 5!

Click on the link in the party description above to go to a page with more information. Thanks!

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Cosmic 140 graphs Twitter's most influential users

I agree, Whitney- accounts local to Lawrence & Kansas City are most influential to me. Local news and business accounts, as well as people- the ones I already knew, or the ones I've "met" online. I've learned about all kinds of neat things around Lawrence that I didn't know before.

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