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Green groceries

I love the Casbah market! We can walk there in 4minutes, and offers everything i need to make a meal! I Had a the pleasure of meeting and working with the owners, and they are nothing short of authentic, wonderful people! It is a family business, and there is nothing wrong with that! I think that adds to the experience and character of the store! I wish the Casbah loads of success~K
It is really a fun place to do your shopping!

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Bidders hit auction for deals

Actually the Mercedes diesels weren't all that bad, but went for way too much to be considered deals. The TDT was on it's second engine and only had 80,000 actual miles. it went for $450 dollars. the 1976 114, (115?) was really heartbreaking, the story on that one was that they could never get it in time after replacing the injector pump. it went for $250. but those may only be stories. the real surprise was the 240d that was a complete basket case for $200! it did have a 4 speed, but still.

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County looks at cutting car-registration lines

It should be the treasurers job to increase awareness about taxes and the benefits of paying taxes instead of treating the public like people trying to get their fast food faster,

a drive through, can you be any less civilized???

What about educating people as to the proper requirements for being a citizen of these states. And you know I think the people who work at the Treasurers office deal with enough uneducated people who are surprised every year or every time that they make a purchase that yes!!!! you have to pay taxes, and that just because you may have forgot, that does not mean that gives you a free pass to not have to pay. And you know what paying taxes will never be pleasant, easy, or fun, but it is necessary.

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Neglected house to be demolished

Isn't anyone concerned that the city will issue a demolition permit to a person who's interest in the property is a "contract" that wasn't even notarized?

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